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Thom Bierdz Back on The Young and the Restless!

Canadian Daytime Confidential viewers have been abuzz about something other than the Enema nominations today. At the end of today's episode of The Young and the Restless—which airs a day earlier than the U.S. airshow— Cane (Daniel Goddard) flashed back to his conversation with his Uncle Langley, who turned out to be played by none other than Thom Bierdz (ex-Phillip Chancellor III).


Earlier this week Soap Opera Digest and New York Daily News columnist Carolyn Hinsey revealed that Y&R executive producer Maria Arena Bell told her there would be a "big return". Could Auntie Maria be undoing yet another of Lynn Marie Latham's storyline stinkers? Is "Uncle Langley" really Phillip Chancellor III back from the dead? Or could he be some long-lost twin? Whoever he is playing, it looks like Bierdz is sticking around for awhile. According to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, the talented actor/artist/author has signed a one-year contract, and is set to be part of a big mystery story involving the recently-returned Nina Chancellor-McNeil (Tricia Cast). Please Soap Gods let this mean Cane really isn't the Chancellor heir!   

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