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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I havent' had a chance to say it yet, but kudos to Laura Wright. The girl has been rocking her hospital scenes like nobody's business. The fear, the anticipation, the determination, the despair, all of it is very believable to me and I just sit and wait for scenes with her and that is something I never did with the character of Carly before.


Jax annoyed me today. "Oh Olivia, I won't force Carly to do anything she doesn't want to do." "Hey Carly, Michael's never going to wake up, so go home." I get that he's concerned about her, but why not just let her deal with this in her own time? If she needs to rest, than ask the hospital personnel to bring in a cot so she can snooze while at his bedside. If she needs a shower or change of clothes, ask the staff if she can use their lounge and sit by Michael's side while she does it. It hasn't been that many days since the surgery, so why give up so quickly?

Kudos to Julie Marie Berman. I liked that she was subdued when she walked in Michael's room and then wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. Then when Michael opened his eyes (totally creeped me out, by the way), Berman just played Lulu as so shocked and flustered.

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So Luke and Mumble Mouth went to Singapore and back in a day? To look for Holly? Who then shows up in PC? Yeah, I fast forwarded through most of that.

Nik/Rebecca/Alexis: Did we ever find out what happened when she walked in on them at the hotel? Did she just close the door and leave? I love Alexis to death, but if she's not going to call ahead when she comes over to Windemere, she shouldn't be so upset when she finds Rebecca there. Although, the only good thing about this whole story is that Alexis is giving Nik grief about The Sequel.

Anybody ever notice that whenever Claudia is cornered by Sonny, or today with Jason, she always harks back to her childhood and how she had is so rough with Anthony, like somehow that will make the person forget why they're questioning her?

Jason: "I think you ordered the hit on Sonny".

Claudia: "Yeah, well my daddy was mean to me". She always throws it out there.