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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Lily and Cane Get Hitched

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Lane Finally Get Married:

Cane called Lily to hear her voice before the wedding. Once they hung up Neil and Olivia told her they had to do something before the wedding but would make sure to get her there on time.


Mac, Nina, Katherine, and Murphy went to the church early to make sure everything was perfect. Katherine asked them if they'd heard from Jill but Mac and Nina said they'd be the last people she'd call. Katherine said she hoped Jill would make it. Mac told them that Billy was going to be there because Cane invited him personally.

Billy congratulated Phyllis and Nick about the success of Restless Style. He said he was thrown but how sincere Cane was about being brotherly. He and Chloe then joked about being invited to the wedding saying at least there'd be free champagne and maybe some fireworks with the crowd that would be there.

Billy and Chloe showed up at the church and Katherine asked where Delia was. Chloe said Esther was watching her because she had the sniffles. Billy said that Cane invited him and he was there for him as Mac looked on.

Cane gave Devon Lily's ring and told him his Aunt in Australia made it and had it engraved with a kangaroo to remind Lily that she was married to an Aussie from the Outback. Devon said the ring Lily got for Cane was engraved too.

The doorbell rang and Cane answered it to find Jill and was totally excited to see her. Devon left and Jill got all weepy. She said it was because she'd missed so much of his life but was very happy to be sharing this moment with him and said his father was probably smiling down on him. She gave him his dad's cufflinks and said he'd be proud of him and she was proud of him.

Lily got a garter as her something new and something blue from Colleen. Olivia loaned her a lucky bracelet as something borrowed. And Neil gave her Dru's hair pin as her something old. He reminded her when she was a little girl she would play dress up with that hair pin and said Dru always wanted her to wear it on her wedding day.

People started to show up for the wedding and Devon escorted Jill in sitting her right next to Katherine. Colleen came in first in a kick ass bridesmaids dress and then Lily was walked down the isle in her mother's dress by her father. And so the wedding began.

Anna sang, yes again, and then Katherine read a beautiful passage. Cane and Lily then gave personal thoughts to each other. Lily talked about how she felt when she first met him, butterflies and all, and then went on to say that once she really knew him she knew that he would always do the right thing and she would always be able to trust him. She went on to say that she knew he would love her no matter what and one day when they were old and gray she would still have butterflies whenever she saw him. Cane followed by saying that when he first saw Lily he thought she was impossibly beautiful but very young. But as he got to know her he saw how wise, mature, and level headed she was and that she grounds him and he's a better man for having loved her. He told her when he came to Genoa City he was looking for a family he wasn't sure he'd ever find. But now he had two families and was marrying the love of his life which made him rich beyond compare.

Nick told Phyllis how amazing the most recent issue of Restless Style was and said he was very proud of her. He wondered if Phyllis was at peace with his decision to go back to Newman Enterprises. She said if they were ok she would be ok. Nick said they were very ok and took her away from the office to do some major celebrating before the wedding reception.

Lily and Cane continued with their personal vows. She promised to listen to him, care for him, comfort him, and laugh with him. She vowed to always trust and respect him and look for the good in him and delight in the person he's becoming. She ended that no matter what lied ahead good or bad she would be the soft place for him to fall and his love would be her only love and she'd give herself to no other, so with joy and certainty and as a symbol of her promise she would give him this ring and placed it on his finger. Cane repeated the same vows adding that he would always cherish and protect her and placed the ring on her finger. The priest pronounced them husband and wife saying what God had created let no man put asunder and told Cane to kiss his bride.

Cane read his engraving which said, "we'll always have Paris," in rememberence of their favorite movie Casablanca and Lily saw her kangaroo engraving and asked him if that was to remind her to always be "hoppy".

Billy asked Jill if she was ok but she said this wasn't the right time to talk about it. Katherine told Jill she was surprised that Jill didn't make the rehearsal and Jill retorted she wasn't surprised to see Katherine had taken over the whole wedding.

Mac tried to have some small talk with Chloe but Chloe brushed her off. The family then came together to take some wedding photos.

Phyllis and Nick went to the reception and toasted to Restless Style and their anniversary.

Nina commented to Jill that she was shocked she could actually play nice at a wedding. Jill said she would do anything for her son. Nina said that was shocking since she wasn't so appeasing at her marriage to Phillip and Jill said she got exactly what she deserved. Jill said that she would always think of Phillip as her son but would always thank God for giving her Cane too.

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Lily and Cane finished up with the photographer and she glowed when he called her his wife. She left to go freshen up and Cane flashed back to Lily saying she knew that he would always do the right thing and she could trust him no matter what. He then flashed back to himself calling someone on the phone saying he was in and took the job after they begged him to take it. The man he was talking to looked just like Phillip.

Adam Plots and Successfully Frames Estella:

Ashley thanked Victor for reassigning Estella even if he didn't fire her. He said he couldn't fire somebody unless there was absolute proof that they were disloyal. Ashley begrudgingly said she wouldn't want him to do anything he didn't feel right about but was grateful Estella wasn't there anymore. Victor told her he would do anything to reduce her stress as Adam listened in using his bugging device upstairs.

Adam called a gallery in Paris pretending to be a professor and saying he was a big fan of Sabrina's. He asked them if they had a recording of a tutorial Sabrina gave and they told him about a podcast and gave him the website. 

Victor was getting ready to go to the office but opened the door to a guy from the laundry service. He said that Estella had left something of hers in the bag and he wanted to return it. He handed Victor the tape recorder with the baby crying and Victor played it.

Adam found the podcast with Sabrina's voice and listened to a description she gave of a painting about death so he altered it to sound like Sabrina just saying death is coming.

Victor continued listening to the recording as Ashley came in. He told her it came from Estella's jacket pocket. Ashley said it was exactly what she heard the night she took the walk in the woods and she was right all along that it was Estella behind it. Victor was appalled and in disbelief that Estella could do something like that.

Adam sent his altered recording to his phone to test it and was very pleased with his work.

Ashley asked Victor what more evidence he needed but he said that it was still hard to believe Estella did this. Ashley asked him if he thought it was Adam or her instead and started to lose it. Victor said that was nonsense but couldn't believe Estella would do this after being loyal to him for so many years. Adam came downstairs and Victor asked him to stay with Ashley and left. 

Victor met Estella at the club and confronted her about the tape. Estella had no idea what he was talking about so Victor played the tape and said that's what Ashley heard in the woods. She was appalled that he would think she could do this but he said that's exactly what he believed and asked her how she could do that to someone he loved. Estella swore she'd never seen the tape recorder before and someone must be setting her up. Victor asked who would want to do that to her or to Ashley and asked her if she knew of anyone who would want to do Ashley harm who had access to the house and grounds. Estella said she didn't but that didn't mean she was guilty. Victor asked her if she could prove she was innocent. She said she wished she had the answers for him and Victor fired her. Estella said that just because he fired her didn't mean things would stop because it was someone else doing them. Victor warned her to stay away from Ashley and left.

Adam told Ashley that maybe now that Estella was gone the weird things would stop. Ashley was flabergasted that it took so long for Victor to realize Estella was behind everything. Adam brought up that Estella had worked for Victor for a long time but Ashley didn't care. Adam said Estella always got along with Nikki and was good to Sabrina but never liked Ashley but that Victor would take care of the situation and Estella wouldn't be bothering her anymore. 

Adam sent the tweaked message of Sabrina's voice to Ashley's phone and went downstairs to watch the fallout. Ashley freaked out when she heard it and started to run out when Victor showed up and she broke down in his arms. Adam looked a bit remorseful about what he'd just done.

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Tyra's Aunt Virginia shows up at the reception

Jill tells Cane she'd like him to consider taking his father's name of Chancellor

Olivia tells Victor that Ashley's got to be thinking it's breakdown and he asks her if that's what she's thinking as well

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed watching a wedding that was actually between two people who loved each other and that went off without a hitch. I thought their vows were beautiful and it was very nicely done. So I guess my question for today is not multiple choice...

Which Y&R wedding in recent times or in the past was your favorite and why?