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Carolyn Hennesy on Cougar Town Pick Up: "Very Few Ways For This Project to Fail"

I caught up with General Hospital funny lady Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) to congratulate her on Cougar Town, the Courtney Cox laffer she has a recurring role in, being picked up by ABC for Fall 2009. To say the talented actress and author (Pandora Gets Lazy, the latest in her YA series about the mythological heroine, is on sale now!) is excited would be an understatement the likes of saying Diane Miller sorta likes shoes. But don't worry GH fans, Hennesy plans to pull double duty.


"I am beyond excited about this series and, while I don't ever want "Diane Miller" to become a ghost in Port Charles —literallly or figuratively—I see nothing but good times on ABC primetime," says Miller."From the first table read, I was of the opinion that there were very few ways for this project to fail.  Even though my character is recurring, I am hoping the powers that be decide that "Barbara" is a weekly must see."

Cougar Town
will definitely find a space on my DVR this fall!

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