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Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap: Cell Phones, Crying Babies and Other Distractions

Sami and Rafe:

At Sami’s place, Sami and Rafe continue the kiss they started on Monday. They start getting busy on the couch but are interrupted by a crying baby Grace. While, Sami goes to take care of Grace, Rafe puts roses and candles everywhere in her bedroom.


Later, when Sami goes back to the living room and finds Rafe not there she thinks he’s left her but she is pleasantly surprised to find him in her room. She tells him how happy she is and they make love.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Philip looks all over the mansion for Stephanie but can’t find her. He calls one of his goons over and tells him to search the house for her. He keeps having flashbacks to their argument and thinks may have she left him. The goons report back that they can’t find her anywhere, so Philip starts calling around town. He even calls Owen to see if he’s seen her and of course Owen lies and tells Philip he hasn’t seen her.

The Pub:

Brady and Arianna run into each other at the pub again. She overhears another one of his phone calls and he teases her about it. She returns his corporate credit card because he had left at the pub. Even though Arianna denies she’s flirting with him, they continue flirting and teasing each other for a while. He even catches her checking out his butt – and hey, who can blame her? Lol! After a while, Arianna walks off.

Later, Philip shows up looking for Stephanie. He gets a waitress to see if Caroline has seen her anywhere. Brady tries to keep Philip calm but a freaking out Philip takes out his frustration on Brady and starts laying in on Brady and accusing him of going back and forth between being a Kiriakis, a Brady and a DiMera. Brady tells him to back off and reminds Philip that while Philip and Victor have been running around town planning revenge, Brady’s been busy taking care of Titan.

The Java Café:

Brady and Arianna, run into each other again at the Java Café. She asks him if she scared him away from the pub. He chuckles and says he’s just had a hell of a day. Then, they continue teasing each other and she accidentally spills coffee on him. Anyone else hoping this leads to Brady accidentally having to take his shirt off?

The DiMera Mansion & The Morgue & The Kiriakis Warehouse:

At the DiMera mansion, EJ freaks out as he tries to reach Owen. Nicole comes downstairs and EJ screams at her for not getting Johnny to stop crying. She turns off the baby monitor and talks to him and eventually he calms down.

Meanwhile, at the morgue, the ‘brilliant’ Owen keeps ignoring EJ’s phone calls because he doesn’t recognize the new number and isn’t smart enough to answer to see who it is. Instead, he keeps trying to call EJ’s old number wondering where EJ is when he can’t reach him.

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Later, Owen’s father walks into the morgue and almost finds him with Stephanie. He asks what Owen’s doing there and he tells his father that he’s there because he’s thinking of becoming a coroner like him. His father tells him he’s leaving town and Owen tells him to have a safe trip. When his father’s gone, Owen pulls a now conscious Stephanie out of the morgue freezer as she tries to use her cell phone.

At the Kiriakis warehouse, Victor taunts Stefano that he better hear from EJ soon or Stefano’s dead. Then, the nurse comes in and gives Stefano another injection. Victor calls up EJ and asks if everything is in place for the transfer or if today is going to be Stefano’s last day. EJ tells him he’ll have everything he needs soon. When they get off the phone, Victor taunts Stefano some more and Stefano tells Victor he is underestimating EJ and that he’ll bet on Elvis any day.

Back at the mansion, EJ finally gets a hold of Owen who tells him he has Stephanie. EJ tells him he needs him to send him a picture. A cocky EJ tells Nicole that he has to go. She wishes him luck and tells him he’ll show both Victor and Sami.

Back at the morgue, while Owen sends EJ the photographic proof of Stephanie, she tries to attack him with a pair of scissors but he stops her and then throws her back in the morgue refrigerator. She screams for help.

The Docks:

Philip arrives at the docks with the Kiriakis goon and is at a complete loss as to where Stephanie could be. Then, he runs into EJ and some DiMera goons. EJ gets angry that Philip is walking around while Tony is dead. He demands to know where Stefano is but Philip denies knowing anything which makes EJ angrier. The two exchange insults for a few moments and then as EJ receives the picture of Stephanie on his cell, he smiles and tells Philip that he has Stephanie.

On the Next Episode of Days of Our Lives:

At the Java Café, Arianna asks Brady, "Are you related to Sami Brady?" He replies, "Yeah, she's my step sister. Do you know her?" Arianna tells him, "Yeah – not a fan."

Still in bed, Rafe tells Sami, "I should do the right thing. I should make a proper commitment."

An immobilized Stefano says to himself, "Come on, son. I'm counting on you."

On the docks an angry EJ tells Phillip, "I propose an exchange... a swap. I want my father here tonight."