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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I hated the fact that Sonny was the first one in the room to see Michael. After everything that Carly has done in the past year, after Sonny had pretty much written off Michael, her not being the first one in really ticked me. Having said that, Maurice Benard did a decent job in that initial scene.


I loved everything Carly today (did I just say that?).  I loved that she felt selfish going on with her life. I loved Jason showing up to tell her in person and I loved, loved Laura Wright's reaction when she came flying into Michael's room.

I actually didn't mind Lulu being the first to be with him and Julie Marie Berman's continued shock throughout the episode was well played. For the first time, I didn't mind Ethan and I liked that he told her the truth. I'm hoping that when she gets over her initial shock of Michael waking up and Ethan possibly being related to her,  she'll haul butt over to Luke's and give him a good what for.

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I used to like Holly back in the day, but I'm not really in love with this incarnation. I'm also not a fan of seemingly intelligent women fighting over Luke, of all people. Also, can someone with a better memory remind us how Patrick and Holly know each other, or did that come out of left field?

Someone needs to smack Claudia upside the head. At this point, I don't even care who it is. I wish the show would give Johnny something more to do than just being his sister's keeper.