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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 05.19.09

Who’s doing who? There’s Jolivia coming and plenty of PC weighs in with their opinions on that pairing. RUMORS have Maxie doing the deed with one of the young men, Lulu MAY be getting a little action as well but it seems to be a Cougar theme going on and no I don’t mean Carolyn Hennesy’s ABC pilot. RUMORS have the Mayor’s wife aka Martha Byrne also getting a little action when she hits Port Chuck. Who’s the younger man? Well it SEEMS the first lady of PC is chumming it up with Ethan when she drops by the Haunted Star and they MAY just be the next hookup. Too many SCOOPS getting jumbled together? Possibly. It happens from time to time. Is it Rebecca that Ethan has his eye on? Is Maxie going after Matt or Johnny?

Johnny and Olivia are hooking up, possibly more than once and Sonny is not happy about his former flame bedding his much younger brother in law. Claudia has issues with the coupling as well and RUMORS have Sonny calling in the big guns to get the union to cease. SUPPOSEDLY he calls in Dante who comes to town. I have to admit, that’s a half way decent plan on Sonny’s part. You want Olivia to stop sleeping with the boy who is around the same age as her son, bring said son to town. Just be prepared to get more than you bargained for Sonny when that son turns out to be yours too. Speaking of which, we’re still waiting on word as to who gets to play the newest Corinthos. So far, I must give credit where credit is due; Drew Garrett seems to be a good pick as the new Michael. So far. We’ll see how he does once he’s out of that hospital bed.

Spixie… Guza teases that they are getting together in a “very Spinelli esque way” whatever that means. What about Lulu? Guza also says she has a love story coming up but with whom? Her maybe brother or her mobster lover? Could it be those Matt and Lulu RUMORS are true? Or will Lulu get the typical Lulu storyline of new boy in town, must pair him with Lulu?

Ethan Spencer? That’s the SPOILER folks. Looks like somebody got his way and Ethan is the newest Spencer. Here’s to hoping this is all wrong…

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A storyline for Alexis? No way! The DA finds herself in the middle of a political nightmare. How will that affect Kristina’s return not to mention her new status as a rebellious teen? Is this where Martha Byrne’s character fits in? Does Alexis’s drama add more fuel to Kristina’s fire?


Thanks to Michael the Q’s are getting some airtime. Will they Michael to join the family? Is Michael using his great grandfather? What will Sonny and company do to keep Michael away from the evil Quartermaines?

Medical Mysteries? Is that the hospital summer storylines? Will Robin and Patrick become Medical Detectives? EARLY RUMORS had an HMO take over as the hospital storyline, do these two fit together? When Guza did this on Night Shift Season One, the mystery was unexplained deaths that turned out to be a rogue nurse offing patients to make GH look bad. Were the HMO takeover RUMORS premature or do the medical mysteries and the takeover go hand in hand? It LOOKS like this is where Martha Byrne’s character comes to play. She’ll have a role in whatever drama is about to befall on General Hospital. I’m still trying to figure out why a peripheral character such as the Mayor is getting a wife with a very recognizable soap face.

Is Ric leaving in a body bag? That’s been the RUMOR. Guza says “we may see him again.” Yeah as a totally new character with the same face. Stay far, far away Rick Hearst.

Hells is back, early June. First on her list of things to do? Meet up with NotEmily.

CRAZY RUMOR… FANFIC? Whatever you want to call it. Is Claudia hit by a car? RUMORS have her in a heated conversation with Jason and then taking off. With Jason in pursuit, is Claudia running into traffic? Are there witnesses? More CRAZY RUMORS... Who's getting busy on the Drake-Scorpio living room floor? Maxie kisses Matt but sleeps with someone else? Johnny will provide that Guza-desired angst for a few people but will he stick around Port Chuck?