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RUMOR REPORT: Will Chrishell Stause Stick Around on AMC?

We're beginning to hear rumblings that All My Children starlet Chrishell Stause might be sticking around Pine Valley after all. According to sources, Stause so impressed AMC excutive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers with the upcoming scenes where Amanda gives birth and decides to give her baby up for adoption that the exec stepped up her efforts to get Stause to re-sign around for another year. What? An executive actually valuing a star who is popular with the fans? As Daytime Confidential previously reported, Stause had allegedly been intimating that she planned to leave the show this summer, however recent developments could lead to a change of heart.


"Chrishell kicked the scenes out of the park," says one mole. "They were amazing, MUST SEE. Plus Jake and Amanda are a big hit with the fans."

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For my money, I hope AMC is able to convince Stause to stay. She has the potential to be one of the show's biggest heroines. The growth Stause has shown as an actress in recent months has been nothing short of phenomenal, and her chemistry with Ricky Paull Goldin could be bottled and sold by Fusion as a new fragrance and companion novel—sold at a Wal-Mart near you. Think of it, Chemistry by Amanda Dillon. Wow, so this is how Fronsie's mind works!