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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: A Breakdown and a Wedding Reception

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Ashley Freaks Out...Again:


Ashley continued to listen to Sabrina's voice on her phone while Adam watched. She freaked out, dropped the phone, and ran to the door to leave when Victor arrived. He brought her back inside and assumed Adam had upset her. She told him it wasn't Adam but that Sabrina's voice was on the phone telling her she was going to die.

Victor asked Ashley what happened and she went through it in detail. Adam said he was there for the whole thing and Ashley looked petrified. He said it must have been Estella and asked Victor if he fired her. Victor said he did and Adam said she must have done it out of revenge. Ashley wondered how Estella would make her voice sound like Sabrina's and Adam suggested that maybe Estella used a recording of Sabrina's voice. Victor looked at Ashley's phone and found out the caller ID had the number listed as invalid. He called and talked to Rafe and found out there was no way Estella made the call because it wasn't listed on her phone. Adam asked if Estella didn't make the call who did?

Olivia arrived at Victor's after he called her at the reception and he told her about the call and said he wanted Ashley to be checked out. Ashley told him she wished he hadn't called Olivia on Lily's wedding day. Olivia said she just wanted to take a quick look and then she'd go back to the reception. Ashley sat down and Olivia asked Adam for some privacy. Ashley asked Olivia if Victor thought she was losing her mind and Olivia said all Victor wanted was for her and the baby to be ok.

Victor asked Adam if he heard the voice on the other end of the call and Adam said he didn't. Victor said then it was possible that the voice wasn't Sabrina's so Adam questioned if Victor thought it was all in Ashley's head. Adam brought up the other evidence of the tape recorder in Estella's jacket pocket and Victor said that Estella denied having anything to do with that. Adam then agreed the bag with the jacket had been there for hours so it was possible someone else put the tape recorder in there.

Olivia asked Ashley if she'd been depressed or anxious lately. Ashley retorted that of course she was because someone was torturing her. Olivia said she was just concerned about how this was affecting her health and the baby's. Ashley asked her why she was so worried and Olivia said her blood pressure was elevated and she had a low grade fever. Ashley became concerned and Olivia said she just wanted to take precautions because of Ashley's history and wanted her to check into the hospital for one night for observation. Ashley asked her to be straight with her if her pregnancy was at risk or not and Olivia responded that she just wanted Ashley to talk to someone. Ashley said she didn't need to talk to anyone she just needed Olivia and Victor to believe her. Olivia said she did believe her so Ashley asked her to tell Victor that. Olivia asked Ashley to promise to take it easy and not answer the phone anymore that night and Ashley agreed.

Olivia left the room and Adam asked Ashley if she was ok. She told him she was fine, her blood pressure was just a bit high. She asked him if Victor called the police regarding Estella and Adam said no. She asked Adam why Victor was still defending her and he said Estella had an airtight alibi and didn't make that call.

Olivia told Victor that Ashley was scared, and even though she didn't say it, was probably worried she was having another breakdown. Victor asked if that's what Olivia thought too and she said she wouldn't dismiss the idea which is what Victor was afraid of. They rejoined Adam and Ashley in the other room and Olivia said it was time to get Ashley up to her room to rest. Adam asked her if there was anything he could do for her and she told him he'd done enough already and thanked him for it. They left and Victor told Adam that sometimes good things come out of bad decisions like Adam being there for Ashley and thanked him for the kindness he'd shown her before leaving to go check on her. Adam said to himself that it was a little late for that and felt the bug he'd planted under the table with an evil grin.

The Wedding Reception:

Nina told Phyllis and Nick that she loved Restless Style so they asked her to write something for them and she agreed. Neil came over and they all talked about how beautiful the wedding was.

Jill told Billy and Chloe that she couldn't believe both of her sons got married within weeks of each other. Billy said it had been an eventful year for their family and wondered what would happen next. Jill flashed back to hearing the bank her money was invested in was going under. Billy noticed her worry and asked her what was going on. She told him not to worry about it and walked away.

Daniel, Amber, Jana, and Kevin showed up to the reception and Kevin felt uncomfortable. Katherine and Murphy came over to greet them and the four asked them how the newlyweds were. They told them they were great and they were so glad that Kevin could be there. Katherine also told Kevin that she would be there for him no matter what he needed.

Devon and his girlfriend talked to Anna and Tyra about Lily and Cane's vows. Devon said at least they would be one couple who would stick to their vows which obviously upset Tyra. Anna said she would sing at Devon's wedding to his girlfriend which they got a chuckle out of. Mac came over and asked where Colleen was and Billy told them Colleen had to leave because her Grandma got in an accident but she had already told Lily she was leaving.

Cane told Lily that he loved her and called her Mrs. Ashby in the elevator. Loving the sound of it, she told him to say it again so he did and kissed her. The elevator door opened to show them kissing and the crowd applauded their happiness. Cane noticed the reception decor and told Lily how impressed he was with her decorating the place to look like Paris. Katherine and Murphy came over to congratulate them and Katherine wished them as much happiness as her and Murphy had. Nina came over next and Cane said he'd like to meet Phillip one day. Nina responded that Phillip would probably like that too.

Devon got a phone call, but when Tyra questioned him about who it was he told her it was a surprise.

Amber and Chloe ragged on Lily's wedding dress saying it was as boring as the girl wearing it. Jill heard and went off on them saying Lily had remarkable taste and reminded them the dress was Dru's. She then asked them what they were doing there since they both, at one time, had tricked Cane into marriage. Amber said she was there with Daniel and Jill told her it was pathetic how she followed him around.

Nick and Phyllis congratulated Lily and Cane and told them the Restless Style cover was getting an incredible response.

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Katherine and Murphy noticed Lily and Cane's young love, but he told her they had nothing on them.

Devon came back in with his Great Aunt Virginia to the surprise of Tyra. Virginia told Anna the last time she saw her she was only a few weeks old. Neil came over and met Virginia and said any family of Devon's was his family. Devon and Virginia told them they found each other online and she thanked Neil for everything he'd done for her family. Neil asked her to tell them a story from Devon's childhood so she told them about Devon climbing up a trellace to elope with the neighborhood girl when he was five and that he fell and broke his leg. Neil and Anna were so excited that Virginia was there but Tyra looked a bit worried.

Olivia talked to Lily and Cane about how proud Dru must be and how much she would have loved Cane. Devon and Virginia came over to meet them and they thanked her for coming to the wedding. Olivia got a call from Victor and said she had to leave to go see a patient but would be back before the reception ended.

Phyllis thanked Daniel for taking the pictures and asked him to get them uploaded that night. But Daniel said, "no promises," and left. Nick and Phyllis talked about how they didn't make their reception because she got arrested. She said she thought they were doing better and Nick said they were. Phyllis brought up Sharon being in Nick's arms the day before and Nick said Sharon wasn't feeling well. Phyllis said it was hard because she didn't want to be paranoid but it was difficult to be open when she was afraid to get slammed all the time. Nick asked her how he could make that better and she said she didn't know. He said he wanted to parade her around to show everyone how gorgeous his wife was and that they should have fun. They grabbed some champagne and toasted to survival and fun...lots of fun.

Cane and Lily shared their first dance together and soon everyone joined them on the dance floor. Neil danced with Jill and they both agreed they were happy their child had married the other. Mac and Devon danced and he thanked her for stepping in for Colleen as Billy watched. Jana talked Kevin into dancing with her but when Amber asked Daniel to dance he told her he couldn't because he was working and left her disappointed.

Chloe called to check on Delia and told Billy that Didi, (Billy's cute as hell nickname for her), had the sniffles but had a bottle and passed out. She told him she wished they could have had the chance to dance at their wedding so Billy escorted her onto the dance floor. He told her it reminded him of a club they were at before and they remembered a Swedish girl that Chloe locked in a bathroom stall and pulled the fire alarm.

Neil cut in to dance with Lily, and Cane danced with Jill. Lily thanked her dad for making things perfect and he said he'd never been so proud of her and that it was hard letting go. Lily told him she trusted Cane with all her heart and Neil reminded her that if she ever needed anything he would be right there. She told him that she hoped her marriage was half as good as Neil and Dru's was and he said it would be. Jill told Cane that she was proud of him, and Lily was everything she ever wanted in a daughter-in-law. She told him she wanted him to take his father's name of Chancellor. Jill asked Cane why he was so surprised but before he could answer Katherine let on that she was eavesdropping and said she would be honored if Cane took on the Chancellor name. Cane said he needed some time to think about it and they all agreed that would be a good idea. Katherine then cut in to dance with Cane and Jill danced with Murphy. Katherine told him that she hoped his mom's heart was beginning to soften.

Amber finally got Daniel to dance with her and they talked about Cane and Lily having kids. They bumped into Kevin and Jana and switched partners so Daniel and Kevin could fake tango as Phyllis and Nick watched amused. Nick told Phyllis to close her eyes and trust him before dipping her and then kissing her.

Nick and Phyllis returned to the Restless Style office to look for her keys and Nick started to seduce her. He asked her if she still had her blue cowboy hat, she said that she did, so he told her she should put it on before they started kissing again and taking off their clothes to have table sex. Later laid on the couch glowing in the aftermath and talked about how they had gotten closer again.

Virginia told Devon she was thrilled that Tyra was able to adopt Anna. Devon reminded her it was partly because Tyra had raised Anna and Virginia said that was right but normally courts prefer to place children with blood relatives. She told him she was tired and needed to leave and left Devon confused.

Jana and Kevin came face to face with Billy who started to give him a hard time. Kevin asked why Billy couldn't forgive him when Colleen had and Billy said Kevin was still a perverted psycho freak and should be locked up. Jana and Kevin walked away from him and Mac confronted Billy asking him how he could be so cruel and saying he wasn't at all the person he remembered and she was so disappointed in him.

Jill told Katherine that she explained to Nina how she wanted Cane to take the Chancellor name. Katherine asked Nina if she was ok with that and Nina said that it would be the final chapter in making things right. Amber came over and asked if they were talking about the movie and Jill asked her what she was talking about. Amber told her that she and Nina were going to adapt the book about Mrs. Chancellor's life.

Lily and Cane thanked everyone for joining them for their wedding and cut the cake. The happy couple then said they wished that their wedding would inspire everyone to not give up on their dreams and be as happy as they were. Neil put his hand on Tyra's shoulder as Devon looked on annoyed and Mac glanced over at Billy who was looking at her while Chloe rolled her eyes obviously annoyed. 

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Devon tells Virginia that it sounded like Tyra wasn't related to him and Virginia is shocked that he didn't know.

Jill makes Billy promise to keep quiet and he says, "scout's honor."

Amber asks Daniel if he's saying they are just another mistake that he'd rather avoid making.

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