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Brian Frons says, "Emotional Jeopardy" is Key to Emmy Nods


Michael Maloney has written a nice article for Variety on this year's Daytime Emmy nominations. Even though I think the Enemas for the most part are bogus, it's really nice to see soaps written about in the trades and the theme of the article not being their pending demise for a change.

It's also great to see not-so-Imaginary Bastards, er Bitches,Andrew Miller and Greg Rikaart quoted in regards to IB'sgroundbreaking Emmy nod and Y&R's shameful Best Drama snub, respectively. Of course I couldn't get through the entire article without reading something that made my eyes bleed and my nose twitch like Samantha on Bewitched after a particularly decadent night at Studio 54. Check out the irony in the below passage about what ABC Daytime's Brian Frons thinks it takes fo an actor to net an Emmy nomination.

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While some soaps have won over the years for staging big events (fires, hostage crises) or writing fantasy episodes, Brian Frons, president of daytime at Disney-ABC, says that at the end of the day it's the relationship between the characters that can score an actor -- and a show -- a nomination."

"Too often physical jeopardy can be emphasized," he says. "But the truth is: Emotional jeopardy, when written and performed well, will garner the nominations."