FLASHBACK: Daytime Confidential's May 14, 2008 Thom Bierdz Interview

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What a difference a year makes. With all the buzz surrounding Thom Bierdz's return to The Young and the Restless, I decided to re-listen to the interview our Luke and Mike did with Bierdz on the occasion of Y&R's 35th anniversary (DC: 240) in 2008. Imagine how jazzed I was to discover the interview was uploaded on May 14, 2008, exactly a year and one day before Bierdz returned to Y&R!


Check out Luke and Mike filling in Bierdz about the Cane/Phillip babyswitch and our fearless leader asking Bierdz the bazillion dollar quesiton, If Y&R ever undid the baby switch storyline, would Bierdz return? So proud of my homies for being on top of the curve yet again!