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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos to Brandon Barash today. I loved Johnny's smackdown of Claudia. It's like everything the fans are thinking and saying regarding Claudia, came out of Johnny's mouth.


As for Johnny and Olivia, I was a little icked out when I first heard the rumor that they might be hooking up, but watching it play out, they were kind of hot together, even though they were both drunk as skunks. I wonder how Claudia and Sonny will react to it. In fact, I want to see Claudia's head explode since she hates Olivia.

Thanks to everyone who reminded me that Patrick and Holly met in the Markham Islands/post-monkey virus storyline. Although I didn't remember them parting as friends, her showing up at his house and expecting him to put her up was a bit much. He explained it to Matt that she's Robin's ex-stepmother, which also made sense, but when Holly first showed up on Patrick's doorstep, I didn't get the feeling she was looking for Robin. Also, Matt, the woman is old enough to be your mother, calm your hormones!

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I liked that it was Jason who called Monica, but I wasn't thrilled that Edward picked that moment to start yelling and throwing his weight around. I get that it's an emotional time, but there's a time and place for that and it wasn't in that poor child's hospital room. Having said that, I hated that Olivia got all high and mighty with the Qs, defending Sonny's honor and blah, blah, blah. She's been in town five minutes and knows nothing about the history so she should just shut it already.

Speaking of Michael, he's getting a bit annoying in his petulance, and I'm not sure how I should feel about it. On the one hand, it's got to be scary waking up knowing that something bad happened, yet not knowing what that is and why no one will explain. At the same time, he's displaying typical "Michael" behaviour which is why the character was never a fan of mine, so it's a little of the same ole, same old.

I thought it was in bad taste to have Luke and Ethan show up at the Scrubs house to have it out with Holly. Patrick and Emma don't need that drama in their house.

I loved the Tracy/Lulu scene where Lulu goaded the truth out of Tracy. I actually giggled when Tracy was trying so hard not to admit that she had the test results changed, then finally giving in and telling Lulu the truth. I'm really starting to like Lulu again.