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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 05.20.09


It’s going to be a quickie… strap yourselves in!

A Return? RUMORS are claiming that Ted King aka Lorenzo Alcazar is returning to General Hospital this summer. So far no “official” confirmation. Wasn’t Jason absolutely sure he off’d the mobster?

Michael has mommy issues but nothing’s wrong with liking your step-mom, right? Usually, no but when she’s the one who ordered the botched hit that left you comatose, I might have a problem with it.

Day two of Drew… has our initial opinions changed? Not me! So far, still doing a pretty good job. Like I said yesterday, we’ll see how he does once he’s out of that bed.

NotEmily and Ethan… I mentioned yesterday that there MAY be something going on with these two. Remember when they first hit town everyone had their theories that they were connected through Helena. Is that true? Could they have been previously involved with one another, romantically that is?

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CRAZY RUMOR of the DAY… Holly Sutton is a Cassadine! No way! RUMORS and CONSPIRACY THEORIES say that Birth Certificate was Holly’s and we’ll learn she is a Cassadine woman. Hmmm… so IF Luke is Ethan’s pop and IF Holly is a Cassadine that would mean Luke Spencer spawned a Cassadine! We’ll see what happens when Helena comes back to town early June.


Claudia and Alexis scenes coming up! Gotta love twitter! Sarah Brown said she was taping with Nancy Lee Grahn and Drew Garrett today.

Was that hit and run SCOOP I dropped yesterday true? Some are saying it is and that there are witnesses to Jason chasing Claudia into traffic. Robin is said to be in the park with Emma and Patrick. They bump into Elizabeth and Robin apologizes for how she treated her friend who was just trying to help. Is this when they see Claudia getting struck in a hit and run with Jason in pursuit? Claudia is RUMORED to tell Sonny it’s all Jason’s fault, that he practically pushed her into traffic. Will she lose the baby? IF she does I’m seeing RUMBLINGS that Claudia pays the doc off to say she’s still with child and fake pregnancy here we come. Classic soap or tried and overused? What about the hit and run? Who’s the driver? Is this a repeat of Sam’s hit and run?

Sonny wants to know what Olivia is hiding… is it the youngster she’s bedding or is this about the son they share that Olivia has kept secret for twenty odd years? Here’s my question… Kate is pretty much MIA short of the stupid Crimson sabotage storyline. Why not have her just tell all? What’s she got to lose? She knows about Claudia and Dante. I say let it loose Kate and then say “peace out” to the peeps of Port Chuck.

RANDOM RUMORS… Robin comes home, Holly and Robin have a “visit”, Jason tells Michael he’ll find the person responsible, Fredo gives up Claudia, Sam helps Jason find Fredo, Jax is fearful of getting busy with his wife and hurting the baby, Jason sees Kristina outside of a bar, Sam wants to provide some sisterly advice, the Mayor’s wife has a name: Andrea Floyd, is there another secret coming out of the Falconari cousins? Lucky has questions for Holly, is Claudia still taking a tumble down the stairs?