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Y&R's Jess Walton on How She "Deepened' Jill After Brenda Dickson

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a revealing interview with the amazing Jess Walton about her two-plus decades as the fiesty manicurist-turned-mogul Jill Foster Abbott on The Young and the Restless. My favorite part was Walton admitting that she found Brenda Dickson's portrayal of Jill just as much of a caricature as I did.


TVG: Had you seen Brenda’s work as Jill?

JW: Yes, I did. Michael Corbett [ex-David], who was playing her secretary at the time, invited me to his house to watch his video library of her work. I took the essence of Jill, but deepened the role because I felt the part was a little bit of a caricature. Having said that, I will admit that it took me a year to fully capture Jill. I remember Terry Lester [ex-Jack] told me the secret to playing Jill is to have fun with her. And boy, did I really work hard at trying having fun with her. Luckily, it finally clicked, but it wasn’t easy. See, I never saw the humour in Jill during my first year on the show. Once I did, I became Jill."

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To think, some fans actually said they wanted that hot mess Dickson back during Walton's contract problems! Now Jane Elliot I could see, but Dickson, Christian LeBlanc andJudith Chapman hamming it up? Who wants to bear witness to that madness? Thanks be the merciful Soap Gods this marvelous, understated thespian decided to stay in Genoa City.