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Y&R's Thom Bierdz Talks With The Advocate

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Talk about keeping it hush-hush! The Young and the Restless star, Thom Bierdz (Langley) reveals to Michael Fairman for how, the show was able to pull the old fast on fans, without Bierdz's return being leaked to the press:


The stunning revelation on this past Friday’s cliffhanger took everybody by surprise! It was kept tightly covered. I had heard you had just come to the studio a month ago and just taped the one scene.

Thom Bierdz: Yeah, that’s right. We had decided to do this several months ago, and it was so under wraps. I was told not to tell anybody.

Did you not tell anybody?

I told some friends and some gallery owners that sell my paintings, but I did not tell anybody in the industry, and I did not tell anyone so that it could leak to magazines. A couple of weeks ago I was snuck into the studio, and we filmed several episodes and I snuck out.

Bierdz also discussed what made him return to his old stomping ground and what is in store for viewers:

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I read a quote a while back that you would consider coming back to Y&R if they incorporated your artwork and being a gay man into the story.

I did say that a couple of years ago. I really don’t know the twists and turns this character is going to take. I’m hoping with a progressive head writer and co-executive producer like Y&R’s Maria Arena Bell that all kinds of opportunities are explored here. I think it’s all really encouraging and exciting.

So we are all left wondering if you are this character named Langley or really our beloved Phillip Chancellor. But all will be revealed soon?

Absolutely. I am Langley at the moment, but I could be Phillip Chancellor III.

The plot thickens.....