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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Not Dead Yet

Sami & Rafe:

Still in bed, Sami tells Rafe she’s never felt this way before. They tease each other a bit and then go for round two. When they’re done, Sami tells Rafe he’s the best thing to ever happen to her and wonders if she deserves all this happiness. He insists that she does and they start going at it again.


When they come up for air, they start teasing each other again. After a little while, Rafe gets up and start putting some clothes on so he can leave. Sami asks him why he’s leaving and he reminds her that Will could come home any minute. Then, Grace starts crying and Rafe goes to get her as Sami listens in on the baby monitor. She over hears Rafe telling Grace that he’s going to take the two of them forever.

Sami comes out and finds Rafe singing to Grace on the couch. Sami tells him that she just heard from Will and he won’t be home for a while so Rafe can stay. Then, Sami agrees to tell Will that she and Rafe are together now. Rafe tells Sami that he’s been thinking about it and he thinks it’s time for him to do the right thing and make a proper commitment. Sami asks what he means and he tells her he wants to be a father to Grace in every way.


Arianna spills coffee on Brady who jumps back and cries out in pain. Then, women everywhere cheer as he takes off his shirt, unfortunately revealing a wife beater underneath – damn! Arianna gets him some ice and they sit down. Brady apologizes if he reacted like a jerk.

Meanwhile, after looking for a place to sell Stephanie’s earring online, Melanie heads over to Java. She interrupts Brady and Arianna and asks what happened. When Brady explains, Melanie takes her turn playing nurse and looks at the burn and graces us all with her ‘professional’ diagnosis that he’ll be okay. Then, she goes off to her own table to use the internet. Arianna asks Brady if he’s going to buy her another cup of coffee and he laughs and teases her and then goes to get her one.

Brady comes back with a coffee. Then, one of his buddies comes by and asks if he’s coming to the game. He tells his friend he’ll have to stop by Sami’s to get his equipment but that he’ll be there. After his friend leaves, Arianna asks him if he knows Sami Brady and he informs her that Sami’s his step-sister. She tells him she’s not a fan. Brady asks her if she knows Sami well and Arianna admits she doesn’t but says she’s usually a good judge of character. She thanks him for the coffee and he teases her thanking her for the bodily harm.

Over at her table, Melanie is looking up websites where she can sell Stephanie’s earring, but decides she has to give it back. When Melanie can’t reach Stephanie, she decides to text her. Then, Brady comes over and asks what she’s up to. She admits she has Stephanie’s earring and that she was going to try and sell it but that she decided to give it back. Brady tells her that he’s proud of her. Melanie teases Brady for being a do-gooder and tells him that she’s through with Philip.

Alone again, Melanie wonders if Stephanie will really need the earring now that she’s going to be a Kiriakis. So much for changing I guess.

Victor and Stefano:

Victor enters the warehouse and tauntingly asks Stefano how he’s feeling. Stefano tell him he’s feeling fine and will be fine for a very long time. Victor tells him that he has no more insulin to give him and suggests that Stefano be realistic about the fact that if EJ doesn’t come through – he’s dead. Stefano once again says that EJ won’t let him down.

The nurse comes in and Stefano asks her why she’s working for the likes of Victor and she blames the economy. He asks how long she thinks he has and she tells him not long. Stefano mutters for EJ to hurry up, he’s counting on him.

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EJ and Philip:

EJ and Philip continue to go toe to toe at the pier. EJ insists he has Stephanie and Philip keeps thinking he’s bluffing until EJ shows him the cell phone picture that Owen sent him. EJ tells Philip that Stephanie is safe for now. Philip doesn’t seem to be reassured by this and threatens to kill EJ if he hurts Stephanie. EJ responds by laughing him off and proposing an exchange Stef for Steph. Philip starts to attack EJ but is stopped by the goons. He says he’ll try to make the switch happen. EJ tells him to hurry and rips up the contract Victor wanted him to sign and leaves. A pissed off Philip starts kicking and knocking things over.

Later, EJ goes back to the DiMera Mansion and toasts Stefano’s picture saying he’ll be coming home soon. Meanwhile, Philip has some drinks at the pub and then finally calls Victor and tells him he’s coming home because they have to talk.

Stephanie and Owen:

At the morgue, Owen gets tired of Stephanie’s screaming and lets her out of the refrigerator again. He apologizes for putting her in there but reminds her that she did attack him. She tells him she won’t give him anymore trouble and asks him if he works for the DiMeras. He gets evasive and insists on just calling them his contact.

Stephanie tries to convince Owen to let her go before this goes any further and points out the if the Kiriakises find out what he’s done he’s a dead man. He’s delusional and doesn’t think she’s right. He also thinks that under different circumstances she would like him, so Stephanie decides to play on that and tells him she already likes him.

She continues to play on his feelings for her, hoping it will help her get away. She suggests they go somewhere else but Owen isn’t interested. He apologizes for losing her earring. She tells him her grandmother gave it to her and she tries to brush off how upset she is about losing it. Then, her phone rings. Owen goes to grab it and Stephanie hopes that Philip will her save her. However, Owen tells her that it wasn’t Philip and that they have to stay put until they hear from his contact.

Stephanie tries to convince Owen to let her get up and walk around and claims to have back problems. Owen doesn’t seem to keen on the idea since she tries to stab him and all. Stephanie apologizes and Owen agrees to let her down.

The end of the show:

When Philip arrives home, he tells Victor that EJ has Stephanie and that they have to let Stefano go but Victor refuses.

At the morgue, Stephanie gets up and looks over at her cell phone, just as EJ makes a call to Owen. When Owen goes to answer the phone, Stephanie knees him in the groin and grabs the phone. She answers the phone and asks if it’s Philip. Owen grabs her and EJ hears Stephanie screaming for help as she and Owen struggle. EJ lowers his head as he realizes what he’s done.

On the Next Episode of Days of Our Lives:

Sami asks Rafe, "Are you asking me to marry you?"

Phillip tells Victor, "Thinking like that gets people dead."

Stephanie struggles with Owen and yells, "Let go of me!" Owen yells back, "Don't make me hurt you!"

Nicole asks EJ, "Something's gone wrong, hasn't it?"