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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Who Really Has the Upper Hand?

Sami and Rafe:

Rafe tells Sami that he wants to adopt Grace and be her father legally. Sami isn’t sure what to say and Rafe tells her to say, ‘Yes’. Sami smiles and reminds Rafe that adopting Grace means more than just being a part of Grace’s life, it also means being a part of Grace’s sibling’s lives and Sami’s as well. Rafe tells her he knows that and wants to be a part of all their lives. Sami misunderstands what he’s saying and asks him if he’s asking her to marry him. She goes on babbling about how it’s too early for them to get married and Rafe chuckles and says he wasn’t asking.


Sami goes on to bicker with Rafe about him letting her think he was proposing. He cracks some more jokes which doesn’t make her too happy. She stops ragging on him when he tells her he wants to take it slow with them but he wants to be Grace’s father. I scratch my head wondering how that’s taking it slow. Then, Sami points out that while she would love for him to adopt Grace, she isn’t sure how they could make that work legally without anyone finding out the truth. Rafe realizes Sami is right and tells her that they’ll just have to be together and be a family then. Sami tells him she’d love for him to be Grace’s father and kisses him.

Rafe gets up to leave, but Sami tries to get him to stay again. They start to cuddle on the couch and she asks him he was planning to adopt Grace this whole time and he tells her he just wanted Grace to be safe with her. This causes Sami to worry about Johnny and Rafe tells her that despite of what he thinks of EJ, he knows EJ will take care of Johnny. They kiss again. Then, Will walks in on them and groans. Rafe decides now would be a good time to leave, so he does.

Will asks Sami if he hadn’t shown up would Rafe be spending the night. Sami is surprised buy his question and points out her love life really isn’t any of his business. Then she tells him that Rafe knows her children are her number one priority. Will tells her that he isn’t sure how to act around Rafe. Sami lets him know that Rafe’s sticking around and Will wants to know if what he thinks even matters. Sami says that if he has a real problem with Rafe they can talk about it, but it isn’t fair to her if his only problem is that he isn’t Lucas. Will reluctantly agrees but tells her that he’s worried that she and Rafe are moving to fast. Sami’s reply is to tell him that Rafe is adopting Grace and Will wants to know how she talked him to that.

Sami insists that it was Rafe’s idea to adopt Grace but Will isn’t buying it. Sami tells him that Grace deserves a father. Will wants to know why it needs to be Rafe. He informs her that sees that something weird is going on and that she’s hiding something.

Rafe and Arianna:

Arianna finds Rafe eating at the pub and sits down join him. She steals some of his fries and they talk about Sami. Rafe tells her he’s going to adopt Grace and Arianna asks if he’s out of his mind. She wants to know how Sami talked him to it. Rafe gets upset and informs her that it was his idea. She tells him she thinks it’s a bad one. Rafe tells her it was a mistake telling her about it and she tells him she’s just worried about him. He gets up and starts to leave but Arianna stops him and says that he doesn’t see it but it’s happening again.

Philip and Victor:

Philip tells Victor that he isn’t asking for him to release Stefano so they can get Stephanie back, he’s telling Victor they’re doing it. Victor tells him not worry, EJ won’t hurt Stephanie but Philip argues that EJ already has hurt her. Victor insists Stephanie will be fine and tells Philip he knows what he’s doing because he’s done it before. Philip responds by telling Victor that he won’t let him use Stephanie like this and either Victor helps or Philip will take care of it himself.

Philip and Victor continue to argue about what to do about Stephanie. Philip insists EJ isn’t thinking rationally and that EJ’s trying to prove to himself and his father that he’s a real man. Philip explains that he’s been there himself before and Tony ended up dead but he’s not going to let that happen to Stephanie. Victor tries to explain that the Philip’s the one not thinking rationally and that’s exactly why EJ chose to take Stephanie, so Philip would act irrationally. Philip insists that’s exactly how he should be feeling after everything that’s happened.

Victor continues to try to get Philip to calm down but Philip isn’t hearing him. He can’t believe that Victor can’t see that this needs to end. Victor eventually gets Philip to see that even if they let Stefano go, there is a risk that the DiMeras might kill Stephanie anyway because she could testify against them.

A worried Philip panics and yells at Victor that he hasn’t handled anything here. He says that despite all the guards and precautions, he was still drugged and Stephanie was still taken. Victor apologizes for letting him down. Philip tells him he doesn’t want an apology, he wants Victor to see that they don’t have the upper hand anymore and if Stefano dies, they don’t have anything EJ wants.

Victor tries to convince Philip he is thinking of Stephanie’s welfare and Philip tells him that they need to help her fast. He reminds Victor that emotionally she’s still in rough shape from the shooting and he’s not sure how much more she can take. Victor reminds Philip they need to be calm and think things through. Philip tells them they don’t have time for that and explains that it must have been an inside job.

Victor tries to call his men and put them in action, but Philip stops him and insists they need to call EJ and make the exchange. Victor still isn’t sure that it’s a good idea. Philip tells him that when Caroline visited earlier he saw that Victor still loves her and asks him to think about how he would feel if the DiMeras had her. He points out if they did, it would be Victor’s call, but they have Stephanie, so it’s Philip’s. Victor reluctantly agrees that it’s Philip’s decision. Philip thanks him and Victor tells him to hurry up and get going.

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Owen & Stephanie/ EJ &Nicole:

Stephanie knees Owen in the groin and pushes him away. She picks up the cell phone and asks if it’s Philip but Owen grabs her and takes the phone. EJ listens on the other end as Stephanie struggles with Owen and screams for help. Then, Owen grabs the phone and closes it. Stephanie manages to get free from Owen again and makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, EJ tries to call back but keeps getting Stephanie’s voice mail. Nicole enters the room with Sydney and asks what’s wrong. EJ insists everything is fine. To avoid talking about it, he starts talking to Sydney, but Nicole isn’t buying it and tells him she knows he’s trying to cover up what’s wrong. Nicole reminds him that on their wedding day she told Stefano she knew what it meant to be a DiMera and she meant it. She goes on giving him another pep talk about how he is better then his father because everything he is doing is out of love for his family. She tells him that she loves him and nothing he can do will change that.

Elsewhere, Owen finally catches up to Stephanie in the woods and grabs her again as she screams some more. Am I the only one hoping there is a gag for her in the foreseeable future? Anyway, Owen and Stephanie struggle for a while until she falls and hits her head knocking herself unconscious.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole returns to EJ and tells him that Sydney and Johnny are finally both asleep. She tries to get him to open up again. He eventually gives in and tells her that he kidnapped Stephanie. He tells her that he knows what she’s thinking – that Stephanie’s an innocent. He argues that she’s engaged to Philip and he needed to go after Philip’s weakness. Nicole tells him she doesn’t blame him, she blames Victor. Nicole rationalizes that the only reason EJ kidnapped Stephanie was because he was trying to save Stefano from Victor, so of course it’s Victor’s fault. She also tries to sell it that EJ’s doing Stephanie a favor because this might make her realize what a mistake marrying Philip would be.

Then, Nicole asks what else is going on and EJ explains about Owen and what happened during the last phone call. He tells her he keeps trying to call back but no one is answering. He worries that if Stephanie’s escaped he doesn’t have anything over Victor to save his father and he’s just royally pissed Victor off. Nicole tries to talk him out of giving up and reminds him that they don’t know if Stephanie got away. She tells him to proceed according to plan and just hold on a little longer.

Meanwhile, Owen takes an unconscious and injured Stephanie back to the morgue. He ties her up and puts her back on the slab. Unfortunately, he doesn’t use a gag too, so there will probably be more screaming when she wakes up. He starts babbling and then worries about where the cell phone is and we see it ringing in the woods. Owen tells her he needs to find the phone but doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Philip and EJ:

Philip goes out into the foyer and calls a surprised EJ. He tells EJ that the trade is on. EJ breathes a sigh of relief.

On the next episode of Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie says to Owen, "EJ? That man is evil. If you turn me in to him he's gonna kill me."

EJ is on the phone with Philip and tells him, "If anything even seems out of place, you'll never see her again."

Will tells Mia, "Well, I mean she still says she's telling the truth." Mia asks, "About what?" Will says, "I still have this feeling she's lying."

Sami watches as Arianna says to Rafe, "What happened before – I'm warning you. That woman could destroy your life."

A few thoughts:

Okay, am I the only one scratching their head at this adopting Grace thing? I admit, this could just be a side effect of the EJami fan in me scratching her head at the Safe relationship in general, but I can’t be the only one who finds the writing for this just doesn’t make a lot of sense. First, he’s adopting Grace, but then he isn’t because they can’t legally do it, but then they’re telling everyone he is adopting her. I guess they’re just going to pretend he’s going to adopt Grace then. Why do they think lying about it will keep someone from looking into it? I know, it’s Days, logic doesn’t matter. Sigh. This show makes my head hurt –lol!

On the plus side, I loved Victor and Philip’s conversation. It was nice to see that even though they were arguing again, they were actually communicating this time. Philip was smart to play the Caroline card. I’m sure this exchange will be anything but smooth. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.