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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kill me now, but I'm liking Olivia and Johnny together. Part of it might be that we've got ourselves a half naked man that isn't Sonny or Jason, but the other part is that they seem well matched, despite their ages and their upbringing. Go figure.


I loved the dumbfounded look on Sonny's face when Johnny walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and I loved the 'in your face' look that Johnny had. It gave me quite hearty chuckle.

I'm not a JaSam fan and I don't want a JaSam redux if all it means is Sam walking around crying all the time. I do like this new incarnation of them however, with her being his sounding board and him letting his feelings loose with her.

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I hated that Michael forgave his father for essentially putting him in a coma, but didn't forgive his mother for being out of the room for five minutes. You know Mikey, dear old dad wasn't sitting vigil by your bedside when you woke up either.

I hated all things Luthan/Holly and I hated that they're airing their dirty linen in someone else's house. Why Patrick didn't kick them all out on their sorry asses is a mystery to me.

I kept waiting for Michael to notice the wedding ring on Sonny's finger and ask him who he married.