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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 05.21.09


The dates don’t add up! Robin returns in time to say you are not my brother! Ethan drops in on his maybe sister who uses her medical knowledge and asks Ethan when he was born. Robin does the math and burst Holly’s bubble who must come clean and admit she birthed a Spencer not a Scorpio. Bad decision IMO. I would have much rather gotten more Scorpios than Spencers. Luke and Holly get busted! Mac attack! We actually get to see him! CRAZY RUMOR… Mac and Alexis? Discuss… Oh hell, I can’t not chime in… I would LOVE it.

Why is every new young male for Lulu? They broke up JoLu and tried her with Ethan… too bad her “daddy” got his way and now he’s her brother. Incest is not best and Lulu needs a man. Good thing Sonny has one waiting in the wings. Now, I must admit, it’s an interesting twist. Lulu’s ex is screwing Olivia and here comes Olivia’s son in need of a little female companionship. Just who will Johnny and Dante fight over… Olivia or Lulu?

Dante SHOULD be fighting with his little brother who is determined to be just like Dad. Yep, Michael is RUMORED to still want the mob life. Is that why he chums it up with Claudia? Will Dante want in as well? RUMORS have been split ever since Dante hit the “news.” Some say he is the anti-Sonny while others have him being a chip of the old block only mommy doesn’t have a clue. So will it be a battle for Sonny’s biz or just a battle of the brothers when Dante hits Port Chuckles?

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Speaking of JOlivia… hot huh? Everyone seems to have enjoyed their hookup. WORD on the street is that they decide it’s best to slow things down but will they be able to resist?

Mercedes has a crush… Mercedes has something to do with the Mayor’s wife… Why is Mercedes getting so much attention? RUMORS have a bit of a scandal coming up for the Mayor and his wife but how does a nanny fit in? Other than her murder, Leticia never got this much attention so good for Mercedes. But I have to ask, is this a little too much out of left field? You bring on Martha Byrne as the Mayor’s wife and then have the Nanny involved somehow? It’s just not clicking for me.

General Hospital is dark this week… An unplanned vacation? A time out for the writers? Why is GH going dark? The GOSSIP says it’s for rewrites and reviews. They MAY just be sitting down with the numbers and making some changes.


RANDOM RUMORS… Claudia wants to know what Michael remembers, Michael lashes out at Robin, Ric and Claudia play let’s make a deal, Jason is about as good as the “ineffective detective” as he’s still trying to prove Claudia’s guilt, Sam and Jason adventure bound.