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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael's attitude makes the mother in me want to reach into the television and give him something to complain about. Ok, he's pissed at Carly, but he's also yelling at Patrick, which was unnecessary and uncalled for. I loved that Patrick said something like not making him regret having cured the little helion. Ok, he didn't say helion, I did!


What was with Mike telling Edward that Michael would go back to his home "with Sonny"? Weren't Michael and Morgan living with CarJax full time before the coma?

Didn't Johnny quit Crimson? Wasn't there a scene a couple of weeks ago where he was summoned and he told Kate to take her thousand dollars a gig and shove it, that he had a garage now and didn't need her money? Did I dream that? Or did they conveniently forget they had written that because they needed him to run into Olivia so that Kate could figure out that something was going on there and so that Spinelli could overhear it? Oy. Although, I did like the swat on the behind that Olivia gave Johnny when he passed her on the way to the elevator. I like that so far they're flirtatious and light, something that we don't get a lot of on this show.

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So Holly wants money to reveal the truth. Basically, either she's Ethan's mother, gave him up at birth and is now playing with his head for money, or she isn't his mother and is playing with his head for money. Nice. What is this crap that she wants Luke now? She hasn't wanted him for years, but now all of sudden she can't live without him? Puhleeze. Luke is not all that and a bag of chips, so having two seemingly intelligent women fight over him is absolutely ridiculous.

I have a hard time believing that Lulu is so eager to accept Ethan as her brother. She doesn't seem to mind that her father would have had to cheat on her mother in order to get that brother. On the other hand, whoever is doing her hair and makeup is doing a bang up job. The girl looked stunning today.

Loved the Liz/Luke scene. I'm glad someone is sticking up for Lucky and giving Luke a little crap.

What was with that Holly/Lucky scene? She said, "good to meet you at last". Have they never met? Wasn't he around during the monkey virus when she came back?