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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.22.09

Michael, Michael, Michael… what are they doing to you? I’ve been saying all week, so far so good in terms of Drew Garrett but that writing… geez! Does he have to be such a brat right out of the gate? Do we need so many ill conceived plot points while he’s still strapped to that hospital bed? We get it, you have a traumatic brain injury and you’re an angry little boy and I could ALMOST understand it if Carly was being her typical overbearing self but in my opinion, she’s really not. I just don’t understand what exactly these writers are thinking when they concoct this stories. When you wrote Robin’s postpartum most fans wanted to smack Robin when we should have been sympathizing with her. Now, here we are once again in a storyline where we SHOULD be rooting for the patient and all I want to do is smack him across the face. Sonny’s ok even after telling him it was his fault Michael got shot but Carly is enemy numero uno? What I do actually like is the Lulu connection. At first I too was scratching my head over Michael waking up to his cousin but I’m not minding Lulu these days and have actually enjoyed her scenes with Michael. Question though, are tacos really the best idea? A year on a liquid diet and she brings him Mexican? How about some soup from Kelly’s instead?


So what’s coming up for the brat? Bonding with Claudia. Fighting with Carly and Jax. Sonny is his hero. Jason SHOULD be his pal and a little brother who is the new Michael of old thinking Sonny and Carly should be together. I wonder how the interaction with Michael and Morgan will go now that Michael is not Carly’s number one fan. Then there’s that pesky career path Michael wants to be on… he wants to be the next godfather of Port Charles.

Will Michael be spending time with Kristina when she hits town early next month? RUMORS have him seeing his little sis. He’ll be going home soon to Sonny’s where there is more drama awaiting him. Remember, Carly’s solution is to just move in to Sonny’s as well. What about Claudia? Are her fears coming true? Michael MAY mention that he remembers her visits while he was at the institute but does he remember her confessions of guilt?

Another pro-athlete on GH? Michael’s physical therapist is Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Conor Jackson.


Stay at home Mom? When Robin is reunited with her daughter she is RUMORED to tell Patrick she doesn’t want to return to work full-time. Will Robin trade in her PPD for a little OCD? RUMORS have her becoming a paranoid mother. She will however have plenty to do at General Hospital as Medical Mysteries are RUMORED to be coming to GH. Scrubs fans seem obsessed with their couple getting a little action. Their prayers MAY have been answered.

Malpractice? The Mayor has a mistress? What is going on? There are some CRAZY RUMORS out there about Mayor Floyd and his mistress. Apparently the mistress takes a nasty fall while the Mayor and she are having a little rendezvous. IF this is all TRUE, it must be at the MetroCourt as RUMORS have Olivia calling Patrick and Robin. These RUMORS go on to say that the mistress is brought to GH where Matt operates solo and the mistress dies on Matt’s watch. Will the family sue Dr. Hunter for malpractice? NOW, ever since they cast the role of the Mayor’s wife, there has been plenty of SPECULATION over what exactly is going on. Mayor Floyd has been a bit character and he gets a wife with Martha Byrne’s face? Never made sense. COULD this be FANFIC? Sure but also remember a story was pitched to Jason Cook when he was considering leaving. A malpractice storyline for a young doctor would work for me. Actually anything that gives the hospital side of things a little action would work for me. Back to the Mayor… SPOILERS say when the Mayor’s wife hits town she’s not pleased with her hubby. A political scandal has been RUMORED but is it dirty politics or a dirty Mayor?

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NotEmily and Nikolas… I honestly do not know how much more I can take of these two. I’m sorry to their fans but this is not NEM as they were originally portrayed. This is a horrible version of what was once a decent pairing. They were never my favorite pairing but at least I could get behind the story they were telling. Now, it’s bad acting and even worse dialogue. RUMORS have them finally hitting the sheets just as Alexis gets some of the dirt she’s been digging for. Apparently we MAY learn that NotEmily was in fact adopted but it LOOKS like she was illegally adopted. Does this mean she’s Emily’s long lost twin? Who’s Rebecca meeting in secret? Some RUMORS have her coming face to face with Helena in early June while one RUMOR makes it sound as if she’s meeting with someone else. Is it Ethan? Remember there are RUMORS that these two are connected somehow.


There’s that Holly is a Cassadine RUMOR which would make Ethan half-Cassadine. Is that the NotEmily – Ethan connection? Holly’s leaving town soon with some departing words. Will Luke be willing to ditch his wife for his English rose?

Will Sonny’s opposition to JOlivia spark a fight? RUMORS have it getting physical. Speaking of JOlivia, they MAY agree to cool it off but I’m still seeing RUMORS that they get busy in an elevator.

Again, I must ask, is this Sex Hospital? Rebecca and Nikolas, Patrick and Robin, Johnny and Olivia and MAYBE even Lucky and Elizabeth. We want love in the afternoon, not an overdose of sex.

CRAZY CRAZY RUMORS… what to believe, what to toss out with the trash? Hell, why not tell you some of the CRAZIER RUMORS I’ve seen lately. Is Cameron Webber in an accident? Is Lucky trading one habit for another? Is Lucky becoming a drunk thanks to his issues with Luke and his new brother? Will Lulu and Ethan have a better relationship than Lulu and Lucky? Is that enough to send Lucky over the edge again? Is a return in the works? We know Kristina first appears outside a bar and in a scene with Jason. She also MAY have some inappropriate feelings towards her “uncle” Jason. Did Alexis have an affair with Mayor Floyd? What would it take for Jason to claim Jake?


Have a Happy and Safe holiday weekend! Oh and it's Q&A day... ask away!