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SPOILER ALERT: Identity of Thom Bierdz's Y&R Character Revealed!

Well it looks like the Chancellor is out of the bag on The Young and the Restless! In the Comings and Goings section of her New York Daily News column this week, Carolyn Hinsey lists Thom Bierdz as "Phillip Chancellor 3rd". As you'll recall, it was previously reported that Hinsey ran into Auntie Maria at some swanky, New York shindig and found out about a "big return". Do you think Auntie Ri Ri blabbed, since by now we all know the big return wasn't Michael Damian showing up to sing "Rock On" in the lobby of Fenmores? 


I guess Hinsey's scoop means a certain Aussie is as phony as those faux furs Lynn Marie Latham wanted poor Nikki Newman to disgrace herself by wearing in public, on the streets of Genoa City proper. Didn't anyone tell LML once a stripper graduates to the real stuff, she can't go back? God made everything for a purpose, and critters were made so that the wealthy can look chic for the Winter! 

For more from Hinsey's must read column—this week she dishes about dimbulb Bridget (Ashley Jones)  allowing the same old dog, Nick (Jack Wagner), another chance to bite her, and/or give her fleas on The Bold and the Beautiful—go here.

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