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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Victor: While having an argument with Mary Jane, The Black Knight gets his pic taken by Jill.


Ashley: She tells Victor she isn't intimidated by Sabrina anymore. When Adam hears this, he orchestrates it so that Ashley thinks the late Mrs. Newman is haunting her. When Ashley uncovers "Sabrina," she's shocked to see Adam and winds up falling down the stairs and is knocked out!

Nick and Sharon wind up having sex again. When Phyllis finds out, she tosses him out the house. Phyllis and Jack meet up to discuss the former high school sweethearts and end up hitting the sheets! Later on, someone pops the question to Sharon.

He finds out he was had by the bogus FBI agent when the real Agent Aucker turns up and is oblivious to an art theft ring.

The fashionista is devastated when she finds out about her hubby and sister-in-law sleeping together on her wedding day.

A secret from his past is still being kept by the Aussie.

Summertime storylines:

Look for the black sheep of the Newman clan to continue creating havoc for a while. Victor isn't the only one who needs to worry about Adam, Jack does. Adam's hellbent on revenge and will get it hook or by crook. The scary part is Adam is able to do whatever he likes because the players involved don't "see" him as a viable threat. The destruction he causes will have a huge impact on everyone.

Mary Jane/Nikki/Paul:
Everything from what Mary Jane's doing in Genoa City to who she is, will be revealed. The schemes she's been pulling are nothing compared to what's coming up. Mary Jane's existence in town will touch all, especially Paul. For fans wanting Paul to have a storyline, he will.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack/Billy: Viewers will find out who Sharon's baby daddy is and it will introduce a bigger storyline that will continue in the Fall. The saga  will include the Abbotts and Newmans and also be very heart wrenching for everyone involved.

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Jana/Kevin/Amber/Daniel: The foursome are in a mystery that has a double impact. Daniel and Amber's relationship will be influenced because of the nature of the secret and Kevin and Jana's will also be affected because of the twist.

Secrets involving the Chancellor family will be revealed that we know nothing about and will be explosive for these ladies.

Even though they are married, their love affair will be in danger.


Neil/Tyra: Word is the faux Hamilton is pregnant by the Chancellor CEO. Neil is over the moon about the news and somehow Tyra gloats to Karen. (Hence me putting this in the rumor bin.)