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Who Would Win in the Ultimate SMACKDOWN: Jason Morgan or The Rock?

I know what you're thinking. After seeing the headline for this post, you're probably wondering if someone has abducted me and hid me away in the catacombs beneath Daytime Confidential Inc.'s expansive, ivory and granite headquarters, in order to log into my blogger account? Or perhaps a nefarious daytime executive—is there any other kind?— might have implanted a microchip into my brain, programming me to compare soap's most notorious brain accident victim to one Mr. Dwayne Johnson? No, nothing quite that drastic, but it would make for a groovy ABC Daytime Sweeps story!

I was simply reading We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb's informative interview with Michael Fairman, from Michael Fairman Soaps, where they compared and contrasted soaps to wrestling, when this poll jumped into my psyche, clotheshorsed it (Or would that be clotheslined it?) and held it down for a count to five.


So whaddya think, who would win in the ultimate smackdown between Jason Morgan and The Rock? The Rock does still wrestle right?

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