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Young and Restless Cast "Upset" Over Engen Walking Out

Fans of former The Young and the Restless star Chris Engen (ex-Adam) aren't the only ones reportedly upset over the actor's exit from the sudser. According to the latest edition of TV Guide Canada's The Suds Report, cast members aren't too happy either.


Meanwhile, the Y&R cast is understandably upset with Engen who is walking out in the middle of a front-burner storyline during its climax. One of Engen’s co-stars tells The Suds Report that various cast members tried to convince him not to leave this meaty role. “Forget the gay thing for a moment,” says one leading man. “He’ll never work in Hollywood again because he walked out in the middle of a contract. You don’t do that.”

Another co-star claims Engen has been reportedly battling personal demons/issues for a while now. “He’s been ‘off;’ we’re not sure what’s happening with him. I think Chris is dealing with more than having to play out this [untraditional] gay storyline. He’s Catholic, but I think it’s more than that. As far as most of us know, Adam is straight, not gay — he [just has an affair], Rafe, to kept him quiet about Adam’s [plot to haunt Ashley] and he sought revenge on his father, [Victor].”

This whole situation is turning out pretty sad in my opinion. Engen's portrayal of Adam was fast becoming my favorite part of The Young and the Restless. The gaslighting of Ashley is a classic, throwback to Old School, Gothic soap opera storytelling. I half expect to hear an organ everytime Adam pulls a nefarious stunt. Oh well, here's to hoping Michael Muhney brings it in the role, and that Engen finds a role he's more comfortable playing.

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