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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: All of This Has Happened Before, and It Will All Happen Again



At Sami’s, Will and Sami argue about Rafe. She tells him that she knows Rafe very well after being with him in the safe house together all that time. She tells him again that they are together now. Will points out that it’s weird that Rafe is going to adopt Grace but they’re not getting married. Sami insists that it’s not, so Will accuses her of scheming again.

At the pub, Rafe tells Arianna that Sami’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him, but Arianna argues that he’s moving to fast with Sami. He gets mad and starts to leave. She stops him by telling him he doesn’t see it but it’s all happening again. Max interrupts and asks, “What’s happening again?” I’m assuming he means besides this scene which we already saw yesterday –lol!

Back at Sami’s, Sami asks Will if he wants to believe that she’s just this horrible person who lies and manipulates people to get what she wants. He says he didn’t mean it like that. She tells him she really isn’t scheming or lying to Rafe this time. Will doesn’t believe her and asks her again if she’s really not lying or scheming this time. She has a flash back to her and Rafe talking about not telling EJ about the baby. Then, she looks Will in the eye and promises that there are no lies or schemes this time. He pauses for moment and looks at her and then tells her he’s fine with it then. Then, he walks away while Sami looks worried.

Over at the pub, Arianna tells Max that nothing’s wrong, it’s just that her brother never listens. Max and Rafe introduce themselves to each other. Max asks if he’s Sami’s Rafe and Rafe says yes. Arianna doesn’t like that he’s known all over town as Sami’s Rafe. Rafe gets annoyed at her and says he’s going to make a call. Max asks Arianna again about what she meant about it all happening again. She reassures him that it’s nothing and asks him not to mention it to anyone. Sure sounds like something to me!

Later at Sami’s, she changes and tells Will she’s going to go out. She asks if he can stay with Grace. He wants to know where she’s going and she shakily says she’s going to the pub.

Back at the pub, Max agrees not to say anything and tells Arianna it’s already forgotten. He says he knows how it can be with siblings. Then, he leaves to go talk to Chelsea on the computer. Arianna walks over to Rafe and tells him to relax, and reassures him that Max agreed not to tell anyone what he heard.

Arianna tells Rafe not to worry about Max, if he says he’ll keep quiet, he will. Rafe tells her he doesn’t need any trouble and his private life is private. Arianna tells him sisters get to tell the truth to brothers. Rafe gets angry and tells her that all he hears is her spouting off her opinion on things she doesn’t understand. They argue about Sami some more. Rafe gets fed up and says he’s going to leave before they say something they’re gong to regret. Arianna tells him to wait and then says, that after what happened before, Sami could destroy his life. Sami overhears the last part and walks over annoyed, while Rafe looks worried.

Mia goes to the townhouse to see Will to borrow some chemistry notes. She notices that he looks kind of down and asks what’s wrong. He tells her about his fight with Sami. He says he feels bad for accusing her of being up to something, but he still has a feeling that she’s lying.

Back at the pub, Rafe walks over to Sami, and Arianna says she’ll leave them alone. They sit down at the table and Sami tells him about her fight with Will. She tells Rafe she’s tired of lying.

Later, Rafe gets Sami some tea and asks her if she’s feeling any better. She says she isn’t, so he tickles her. She smiles for a moment. Then, she ponders that after 16 years of raising Will, you’d think she’d be good at it by now. She also worries about Arianna hating her. Rafe keeps telling her not to worry about his sister. He wants to know what happened with Will and she explains. She says that Will’s right, she is lying. Rafe tells her that she’s not lying; she just didn’t tell him everything. Sami says the worst part is that Will’s not mad at her for lying; he’s worried about what will happen to her if she gets caught. She comments on how he’s a great kid and points out that she repays him for that by lying to his face.

Rafe reassures Sami that Will be okay and that he knows that she loves him. He reminds her that Grace is safe and that everything is okay right now. He tells her to just lean on him and let him take care of her.

Back at the townhouse, Will comes out of the back with Grace. He can’t get her to settle down, so Mia takes her and tries. She sees Will is distracted and asks if he’s still upset about the fight with his mom. He tells her they were fighting about Rafe wanting to adopt Grace. Will tells her that he doesn’t get why his mom’s boyfriend, who she’s known for like 2 seconds, wants to take on this responsibility. Mia suggests that maybe he’s in love. Will says he just can’t shake the feeling that Sami’s lying to him. He tells Mia that Sami’s lied to him all his life and that if he had a friend who lied to him like that he wouldn’t be able to forgive them – ever.

Meanwhile at the pub, Sami tells Rafe it’s really tempting to just let him take care of her, but she’s supposed to be strong enough to do this on her own. Rafe tells her nobody’s strong enough to be this stressed out all the time. He tells her, “Let me take care of you” and they kiss.

Back at Sami’s, Will brings Mia a bottle to give Grace. He comments that Grace seems to like hearing Mia’s heartbeat. Mia asks if he’s still mad about the fight. He tells her that he’s not really mad any more he just hopes his mom is telling the truth right now. He says he knows his mom’s not a bad person. She tells him, of course Sami’s a good person, look at what she did for Grace. They talk about where Grace might be if Sami hadn’t adopted her. Mia asks if he ever thinks about the woman who gave Grace up and whether she sits up thinking about what happened to her baby.


EJ and Philip are on the phone with each other. EJ asks if Philip’s ready to make the deal. Philip says he is and wants to get started but EJ says they can’t meet until they find a neutral territory. Philip agrees to wait until he’s ready. Philip reminds him to hurry up because they’ve already given Stefano his last insulin injection. EJ reminds Philip that he has Stephanie. They agree to meet soon and hang up. EJ turns to Nicole and starts worrying because although Stephanie hasn’t escaped after all, he doesn’t have her either until he can get a hold of Owen.

Meanwhile, in the morgue, Owen starts putting make up on an unconscious Stephanie to cover up her cut. He tells her how beautiful she is and that he doesn’t think he’s going to give her up.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Philip that he’ll take care of getting Stefano ready and that Philip needs pick the men he’s going to bring with him to the exchange. He says to make sure they’re ready for the signal just incase they need to move in. Brady enters the room and wants to know what’s going on.

Back at the morgue, Owen continues rambling to an unconscious Stephanie about not wanting her to get hurt. He says he needs to talk to Mr. DiMera to find out what his plans are before he can decide whether to hand her over or not. He gets up saying he just needs to find the cell phone.

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ tries calling Owen again, but there’s still no answer. EJ looks worried. Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Stefano says that EJ won’t let him down.

Outside of the pub, Max runs into Bo who is trying to get a warrant over the phone. When Bo hangs up, Max asks Bo when the mess with Dim eras and the Kiriakises is going to end. Bo replies that he’s going to make sure that it ends.

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Brady asks Victor and Philip if anyone’s going to answer his question. Victor avoids the question and says he’ll talk to Philip later. Then, he turns to Brady and excuses himself as he leaves. Brady asks if Philip’s going to answer him. Philip informs him that he and Victor are taking the high road this time and they are going to end this feud with the DiMera’s peacefully. Then, he apologizes to Brady and admits that Brady was right and he was wrong.

Out in the woods, Owen looks for the phone. He finds the phone when it rings. EJ starts yelling at him for not answering sooner and for letting Stephanie answer the phone earlier. Owen explains that he had a little trouble with her and then had to go look for the phone, but that it’s all okay now. EJ wants reassurance that he has Stephanie and Owen tells him that he has her somewhere safe where no one alive will find her.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip looks at a photo of him and Stephanie and tells Brady that he was right they should have had the cops deal with this. Brady asks if he means the attempts on his life. Philip says the reason they took care of it themselves was that they were worried things would get lost in the red tape but the main reason was that Philip was pissed and thought they could make things right with an eye for an eye. Brady wants to know what they’re up to now and gets angry when Philip says he can’t tell him.

Victor goes to see Stefano. He has one of his guards get Stefano up and tells the Phoenix they’re going on a little trip. Stefano gloats that he told Victor that Elvis would outfox him. He rubs it in that Victor’s losing. Victor just looks at him. I sense this is not good.

In the woods, EJ tells Owen to get Stephanie ready to move for when he calls Owen back in a couple of hours. When they get off the phone, Owen mutters to himself that EJ’s planning something bad. Meanwhile, back in the morgue, Stephanie starts to move as she regains consciousness.

Outside of the pub, Bo gets a phone call. When he hangs up, he tells Max that a little while ago, Victor shook the tale he put on him. He says he thinks this means something must be up.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady argues with Philip. He badgers Philip to tell him what’s going on. Philip tells him the plan is going to work. They’re interrupted by EJ calling Philip to finalize the details. When Philip hangs up, he says he has to go and starts to leave. Brady tells him to hold up for a minute. Philip turns around to face him and Brady says he’s figured out what’s going on.

Owen goes back to the morgue and is happy to see Stephanie wake up. Stephanie is scared and Owen gets creepy and tries to show her that he covered up her cut. She asks him to untie her. He says he wishes he could but he has to keep her tied up because she tried to get away. She promises she won’t run away this time. He tells her that he believes her because she’s a good person, but that they have to get ready for him to take her to someone. She asks if he means the DiMeras and wants to know what they’re going to do to her. He tells her they didn’t say. She tells him he can’t take her to them because they’re killers. Owen reassures her that while they might not have her best interests at heart, he does.

Meanwhile at the DiMera mansion, EJ finishes making arrangements and gets ready to go meet Philip. Nicole wishes him luck and kisses him as he leaves.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Philip that he figured out Philip never found Stephanie. Philip tries pretending that isn’t true and then practically runs out the door with Brady yelling at him that they need to talk about this.

At the morgue, Stephanie continues to try to talk Owen into untying her, but it doesn’t work. Then, she asks if Stefano asked him to take her and he tells her hasn’t talked to Stefano in a while. She figures out it was EJ. She tells Owen that he’s a good person and that he doesn’t have to do this.

Victor and Stefano continue to go toe-to-toe at the warehouse. Victor tells Stefano that if he lives long enough, he’ll be reunited with his beloved son and his son’s slut of a wife and asks Stefano if that’s enough to keep him going. Stefano replies by gloating again that Victor lost. Victor quips, “Dead men aren’t usually considered winners my friend.” Stefano ignores the comment and asks what EJ did to get Victor to back down. Victor tells him they just decided to end things. Stefano smiles and says, “Very good. But still, I won.” Victor glares at him in reply and then Stefano collapses. What was he saying about winning again?

Brady calls Bo and asks if they can meet. He tells him he has something important to tell him. Bo agrees to meet and leaves the pub.

EJ shows up in the woods to meet Owen and isn’t happy to discover he isn’t there. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Stephanie pleads with Owen not to give her to EJ. She promises that if he lets her go, she won’t tell the Kiriakises that he took her.

Bo meets Brady at the Java Café. Bo asks Brady if this is about Victor and Philip. Brady nods. Bo asks him if he can tell him where they are. Brady replies that he can’t do that, but he thinks that Stephanie is missing.

Philip shows up at the docks. He’s on the phone with Victor and tells him that he’s in position now but no one else is there. Victor asks if Stefano arrived yet and Philip tells him that he arrived about two minutes ago. Victor comments on how dead Stefano looked when they put him in the van. Philip agrees that he doesn’t look good but the important thing is that Stephanie is safe and will be with him soon.

EJ paces in the woods waiting for Owen, while Stephanie continues to plead for Owen to do the right thing and help her. EJ calls Owen. Owen apologizes and rolls a screaming Stephanie back in to the morgue refrigerator. The show does the 24 split screen as Owen answers the phone and EJ chastises him for being late. He reminds him that timing is crucial and lives are at stake. We see an unconscious Stefano in the van and unfortunately, continue seeing and hearing a screaming Stephanie. Owen tells EJ that he’s sorry but there’s going to be a change of plans. EJ does not look happy.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Lucas tells Maggie, “It's like they're keeping something from me. It's something big -- really big. I can feel it.”

Bo tells Brady, “No, you stay put. I'll handle this.” Brady tells him, “Come on. I can't sit here.” Bo runs off insisting, “I'll handle this.

Philip pushes EJ and yells, “You didn't bring Stephanie. You son of a bitch!”

Stephanie asks Owen, “Where are we going?” Owen replies, “Wherever we go, we'll have a happy life together.”

A few thoughts:

I thought today’s show was actually pretty good. It looks like things are heating up again in the battle between the Kiriakises and the DiMeras. I’m glad it seems Bo is actually getting involved in this mess now. It just hasn’t seemed right with out him being too involved. Watching him and Brady working together was great, but it did make me miss John a bit though.

Oh, and the exchange between Stefano and Victor was too funny. You just knew Stefano was going to be in big trouble with every, “I won” that came out of his mouth. Victor’s facial expressions as Stefano gloated were great too. I love when these two go toe-to-toe with each other, I just wish we had more of it in this feud.

So, what is it that has happened to Rafe before that is happening again? I don’t know. Maybe he has a habit of falling for pregnant women who were once hell on wheels schemers and then want to domesticize them and adopt their babies after they’re born? I guess that could get messy after a while – lol! All I know, is that every time I heard what happened before was happening again, I found myself quoting Battlestar Galactica to myself, “All of this has happened before and it will all happen again.” Maybe Rafe and his sister are cylons? Now that would be a back story! lol!

Have a great weekend everyone!