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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Wow, all it took was one conversation with Lucky and Holly spilled the beans. Of course, is she telling the truth or is she a big fat liar?


Color me crazy, but for awhile there I was starting to feel bad for Ethan. I've got to give Nathan Parsons credit for that lost, puppy dog look he's been sporting for a few days. I loved that Ethan basically told Luke off about not being able to believe a word out of Holly's mouth and that he should kiss the ground Tracy walks on.

Is it weird to anyone else that the Scrubs house has become Holly's Grand Central Station? Luke, Ethan, Tracy and Lucky are all visiting her. It makes me wonder where Emma and the nannies are.

I love Edward, but he has got to back off. Michael's been awake a minute and Eddie's all up in his grill. Plus, all I kept thinking was why would Edward want the sourpuss anyway?

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I would love for Carly to get rid of her guilt and just lay down a parental smackdown on that little troublemaker, coma or no coma. Although, I did like the cute bonding with Lulu.

Ok, Claudia has a screw loose. An actual screw missing from her brain. I get her confronting Olivia, but confronting Johnny? Too weird and too gross.

I was starting to feel bad for JOlivia, with everyone pooping on their parade. Talk about an unhappy afterglow.

I'm not happy about Maxie sniffing after Johnny and being all hurt that he's getting his groove on somewhere else.

I'm still not caring about notEmily and whatever color shirt she's wearing.