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Will Aspects of Thom Bierdz's Real Life Play Into His Reel Life on Y&R?

Genoa City returnee Thom Bierdz recently chatted with After Elton's Anthony D. Langford who asked the actor a few pointed questions about his return as The Young and the Restless's Phillip Chancellor III.


AE:What's it like getting back those acting chops after all this time?

TB: Well, here's the thing, man. I don't really want to act. I just want to be, and that's why I haven't really pursued acting. What I'm really excited about is I don't think this role coming up is going to require a lot of acting. I think it's going to play on my real emotions across the board. There are some significant emotions that I haven't dealt with, and this show hasn't dealt with.

AE:I read in an interview where you said you would only be interested in coming back to the show if they used real elements of your life, like your art and your sexuality. Do you know if the show is going to go in that direction?

TB: I'm not allowed to answer that question and the truth is I'm not certain. I've not seen any scripts that are definite."

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