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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Family Ties

The Kiriakises:
There’s some juicy Kiriakis family drama going on at the pier as Victor, Brady and Bo argue about Brady going to Bo with the information he had about the kidnapping. Victor calls Brady a traitor and orders him to leave – so Brady does. Bo defends Brady’s actions and tells Victor if it weren’t for Brady, Bo would probably be arresting Victor and Philip for Stefano’s murder. Bo and Victor argue about whose fault it is that things went wrong and Bo tries to get Victor to tell him where Philip is. Victor asks Bo if he plans on arresting Philip if he finds him and Bo says he will because it’s the only way to keep Philip safe. Victor thinks that’s ridiculous and reminds Bo that Philip isn’t the only one in danger – Ciara and Hope are too. Bo tells Victor that he can take care of his own family. Victor informs him that if anything happens to Stephanie it will be because of Bo and his pride.


While they argue, Bo and Victor get down to the root of the problem with their relationship as Victor calls Bo out on being ashamed of him for being his father. Bo reminds Victor that he’s not the man who raised him and looking at how Philip turned out, he’s glad he didn’t. Victor yells at him to get out of his sight. An angry Bo leaves, reminding Victor that Philip is better off in jail than dead.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie drops by and tries to get Philip to listen to her about finding Stephanie’s earring. Owen eavesdrops as Melanie explains where she got the earring and she and Philip talk about the possibility that Owen took Stephanie. Philip doubts her at first, and even accuses Melanie of the act, but eventually he listens to her. Owen sneaks off before Henderson comes in. Henderson informs the Scooby gang that Owen’s taken a leave of absence and he gave Owen an advance on his salary because Owen had told him that Philip had given permission. When Brady arrives home, Philip and Melanie decide to split up and meet up in the woods later. Brady enters looking for Philip, and Henderson tells him that Philip was just there.

When Victor comes home and sees Brady there. He flips out and orders Brady to leave. Brady tries to tell Victor he loves him but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Brady that he is no longer his grandson. Before Brady leaves, he tells Victor that the only reason he had been staying there was because he loved him, but he didn’t really like being there because the house is miserable. Victor accuses him of liking it well enough before. Brady tells him that he stayed because thought he was welcome before but now he sees there were strings attached. He sees that if he’s not cutthroat like Victor, Philip and Kate, then he’s not welcome. Brady asks Victor who he’s going to disown next when he doesn’t get his way and then he storms off leaving Victor alone in the mansion.

Later, Philip and Melanie meet up in the woods. Melanie shows him the info she dug up on Owen. She says it isn’t much but she found out his dad works in the mortuary. They decide to go pay Owen’s dad a visit and see if he’s helping Owen.

The DiMeras: Nicole shows up at the hospital and finds a battered EJ and asks what happened. As he catches her up on everything, Lexie runs over to him and wants to know Stefano’s condition. She gives him hell for not telling her that Stefano was missing. He tries to explain that he couldn’t tell her because of Abe, but Lexie doesn’t care about his excuses. She tells him to do the right thing for once and think about his wife and new baby. Then, she goes in to Stefano’s hospital room to check on him.

EJ begins to wonder if Lexie is right and maybe he should co-operate with the police. Nicole tries to talk him out of it. She argues that if he talks to the police, Victor and Philip will win and EJ will end up in jail. EJ counters that he won’t go to jail and he won’t be able to live with himself if anything happens to Stephanie. They continue to talk in circles about it, until they are interrupted by Lexie again. She tells them that Stefano is doing better right now, but they’ll have to wait and see if he has suffered any permanent damage due to the lack of insulin for so long. EJ flips out and demands she bring in specialists. Lexie tells him that a specialist won’t be able to do anything – all they can do is wait right now. EJ calms down and apologizes. He asks to see Stefano but Lexie tells him he’ll have to wait and then she goes back in to see Stefano. Then, EJ and Nicole pick up their argument where they left off.

Meanwhile, inside with an unconscious Stefano, Lexie holds his hand and begs her father not to leave her. She says she knows they haven’t always had the best relationship, but she can’t lose him so soon after losing Tony. She cries and tells him she loves him and he squeezes her hand as he regains consciousness.

Later, as EJ and Nicole continue arguing about whether or not he should talk to the police, Bo walks over to them and tells EJ that he’s under arrest. Nicole demands to know what for and Bo informs her it’s for assaulting Philip. Bo tells EJ that he’ll throw the book at him unless EJ co-operates and tells them where to find Stephanie. EJ agrees to help Bo because he doesn’t want an innocent person to get hurt. Bo laughs. EJ tells Bo he’ll go with him if he can say goodbye to Stefano – just in case it’s the last time he gets to see his father. Bo reluctantly agrees to give EJ five minutes with Stefano.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Stefano tells EJ that he knew he would find a way to save him. EJ apologizes to Stefano for everything not going according to plan. Bo comes in to break up the father/son re-union and tells EJ they have to go. EJ leans in and hugs Stefano, kisses him on the cheek and gives Stefano back his Phoenix ring and leaves.

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On the way to the elevator, Bo tells EJ that he can hold him for 24 hours and that if he doesn’t help them find Stephanie, Bo will make sure that EJ never sees his wife and kids again.

Meanwhile, back in Stefano’s room, Stefano gives Nicole a history lesson on his Phoenix ring and its connection to Hercules and the Phoenicians. He explains that as long as he has the ring nothing can touch him. It’s the reason that he has survived death so many times. He says that he would have been saved this time too – even if Elvis couldn’t have reached him because of the ring. He asks Nicole if she understands and she says she thinks so. Then, as he’s about to get to the real point of the conversation, Stefano falls asleep. Nicole tries calling his name to no avail and then sighs.

Stephanie and Owen: A freaked out Owen returns to the morgue and finds Stephanie is unconscious. When he can’t revive her, he panics even more and begins CPR to try to bring her back. When Stephanie comes to, she slaps Owen in a panic. This causes him to freak out and when she realizes what’s happened, Stephanie apologizes and claims she was confused. He isn’t buying it this time and starts crying about how everything has gone wrong. Then, he pulls a gun out of a drawer and cradles it. Stephanie asks him what he’s doing with the gun and he tells her he wanted to go away with her but now they can’t because everyone is on to him. He tells her he’s sorry as a freaked Stephanie looks on.

On the Next episode of Days of Our Lives:

Sami tells Caroline, “Rafe is going to adopt Grace.” Caroline looks at her in disbelief and replies, “You can’t be serious.”

Brady tells Nicole, “Stephanie’s missing, and you’re my best shot at finding out where she is.”

Phillip tells Victor, “Whoever has Steph can’t know that we’re looking for him.” Victor says, “If he knew that-“ Phillip interrupts, “He’d kill her.”

Stephanie cries and pleads, “Owen, I’m begging you-- please—don’t put me back in there and I’m going to die.”

Just a few thoughts: I thought today’s episode was really good. I loved all the internal family drama with in both the Kiriakis and the DiMera families. I thought the argument between Bo and Victor was a longtime coming. It really got to the root of their problems – Bo is afraid that being Victor’s son means he will become just like him and he is afraid to let him into his life because of it. On the other hand, Victor is so afraid of being rejected by Bo, that he constantly pushes him away first. They just can’t seem to get past it. It was also interesting to see that argument parallel Victor and Brady’s argument. Brady wants to be apart of Victor’s life, he just needs Victor to accept him as he is but Victor can’t handle Brady not going along with him and doesn’t want to be judged so he pushes him away too. The final image of Victor sitting alone in his chair was very fitting. At this rate he’s going to have no on left in his life. The IzzyB fan in me thinks this would be a perfect time for a visit from Isabella the friendly ghost –lol!

I also enjoyed the internal turmoil going on with the DiMeras. Lexie’s tearful speech to Stefano, where she was pleading with him not to leave her, just shows that no matter what she says or how much she yells at him and says she wants nothing to do with him, she still loves him. It was also interesting to watch EJ want to do the right thing, but Nicole keep trying to talk him out of it. Is she really just afraid he’ll go to jail or is it something more? And what exactly was Stefano getting to with his big Phoenix speech at the end there? Very Cryptic indeed.

I do have a bone to pick though – are we seriously supposed to believe that Stefano’s ring is magic and has kept him alive all this time? Did we really need a lame explanation like that after all this time? I sure didn’t. Days needs to make up it’s mind – either it’s giving the Phoenix a mortal disease like diabetes and trying to make a social issue out of it or they’re giving him magic rings and fairy dust. It has to be one or the other, it really can’t be both.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the family drama today. Internal family conflict can make good soap opera, who knew? Lol! Hopefully, the show will keep it up.