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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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My Scrubs loving heart was bursting at the seams today. I love that Robin is back and I Love that she and Patrick had a very lovely dinner. They both looked beautiful and were actually talking to each other instead of at each other. I also loved the scene with Emma at the end, although I was hoping to see Robin enthusiastically pick up her daughter, but I guess I'll have to wait another day for that. Now here's hoping the writers allow them more than five minutes of happiness before the next calamity occurs.


I'm still loving everything JOliva. They're still very fresh, hot and I like the lightness that surrounds them and the fact that Johnny spontaneously smiles whenever he's around her. Having said that, what's with Olivia's ginormous cleavage?

I hate that Maxie left Johnny's side and immediately went to plant one on Spinelli. Spin deserves better than to be the consolation prize.

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I'm glad Ethan told Holly where to shove it. I don't hate the kid anymore, but he's still desperately needs to wash his hair. Does it annoy anyone else that Lulu seemed disapointed that he wasn't her brother? I kept wanting to remind her that she already has two brothers that she doesn't visit.

I know Edward likes to throw his Quartermaine weight around, but does he really think he has a legal leg to stand on? I loved Monica's scene with Jason and Michael. I hope there will be more between grandmother and grandson and not just this throw away scene.

I'm glad Michael realized he was being a giant douche when he went all postal on everyone and admitted it to Jason. For a minute there, I thought they would make him all "ragey" for no reason other than it's Tuesday. It was good to see that he and Jason had it out and Jason explained that he went through the same thing after his accident. It doesn't explain why Michael's raging on Mom more than on Dad, but it's a start.