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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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There was more Scrubs goodness today with Patrick and Robin bonding over that incredible baby. I loved that baby Emma was all smiles and giggles and babbling and she called out ‘dada’ a couple of times. I especially loved how Robin was holding Emma in the chair and then Emma got all squirmy and Kimberly  McCollough tried so hard to continue with the scene. It warms my heart to see my Scorpio-Drakes so happy.


What exactly is Sonny’s problem with Jolivia? He brought up the age thing and she called him on it (hypocrite much?). He kept bringing up that Johnny was his brother-in-law, like that was somehow some evil thing. He’s brought up before that Johnny’s crazy, yet we really haven’t seen crazy behaviour from Johnny since he first moved to town and was jumping off buildings. Then he throws in there that he’s in a loveless marriage like somehow that’s Olivia’s fault and she should somehow put her life on hold to hold his hand. Whatever dude. Please tell me that Sonny’s isn’t falling for Olivia, just because they’ve had a handful of conversations lately.

Speaking of Jolivia, there is some smoking chemistry in that garage. I’m surprised they didn’t, you know, give each other a tune up right then and there. It wouldn’t hurt me to see a half naked Johnny again.

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Speaking of that garage, isn’t that the old set from the coffee shop? That grill on the door looks the same, as do the walls.

I love Raynor and Alexis together. Although for a split second when Raynor walked up, I actually wondered who he was since it’s been awhile since we’ve seen our moody federal agent. I loved what Alexis is asking him to do (ironic considering her daughter is a PI!). I also loved that Raynor was willing to do this for her. I’m actually hoping for a Jolivia style hook up between these two.

Michael’s been in a coma for a year, yet after two days he’s able to stand up and make it across the room? Yeah, right.

Is it just me or is Jax coming across as a total ass in his behaviour towards Michael? There was some friction there before, but not this bad. I get that Michael hasn’t been a ray of sunshine since he woke up, but Jax’ behaviour seems a bit extreme, under the circumstances.

I was so hoping Liz would haul off and smack notEmily upside the head. Now that would have warmed my heart!