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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.27.09

Alexis fan? I keep hearing that the attorney will be getting plenty of story to play with. The question is will it be favorable? Some of Alexis’s best scenes are when she goes off on another PC resident and while I like the Sonny-Alexis friendship one of my favorite scenes was her going off on Sonny and Jason at her sister’s funeral. Will that happen again? RUMORS have Alexis laying into her daughter’s father when Ric goes missing. Can you blame her? IF Sonny is involved in Ric’s “disappearance” he’s taking Molly’s father away from her. There’s more for Alexis coming up. She’s still determined to link Rebecca to Helena and there’s that whole political mess RUMORED to be happening with Mayor Floyd and his wife. Will Alexis get the dirt on NotEmily? SPOILERS say she uncovers a few “skeletons” in Rebecca’s closet.


Speaking of Ric… he wants Claudia to go on the run with him. Is that what happens to Sonny’s bro? Or will he be the murder mystery we had heard about? Either way, Rick Hearst vacates Port Chuckles mid June. According to Martha Byrne she shared some of Hearst’s last scenes with him.

Holly’s leaving town… can she take her spawn with her? I know I am much too hard on Ethan. Hell I am too hard on GH in general but I’m dying for my show to get back to its former glory days. Luke and Holly bid farewell and SPOILERS have Luke and Ethan taking another DNA test.

Michael, Claudia and that whole mess… I’m being cautious about this storyline. So far, so good in terms of Drew Garrett but I am still nervous about the road this storyline may go down. For one, Jason is SUPPOSED to be the hero of this show and he’s not doing that great of a job of pinning the botched hit on Claudia. So many PC residents know but Jason is still uncovering the evidence he needs to convince Sonny? It’s not working for me. It would have worked better if less people knew the truth. I suppose a lot of these “secret storylines” would work better for me if less people knew the secret. And will Sonny believe Jason? When he comes armed with the evidence will Sonny overlook it because Claudia and Michael are getting along so well? Will the bun in the oven buy Claudia enough time to save herself? When the ultimate decision is left up to Sonny, what will he do?

Sonny’s kids… he has enough of them to drive the entire show and if all the RUMORS are true, they will be. Michael busts out of the hospital to see his sister but he’s not the only visitor. Helena drops in on Alexis’s daughter. Kristina, the new version, debuts next week where she bumps into Jason outside of a bar. But will Sonny finally wonder about the impending addition to his family? SPOILERS say Sonny finally starts to question just who the father is of Claudia’s baby.

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Claudia is worried that Michael will remember her bedside confessions. What will she do when her step-son reveals he’s starting to remember some things?

What’s the real deal with Rebecca Shaw? RUMORS say we’ll find out. Is there an Ethan-Rebecca connection? Lulu sees them together and wants to know why and what they are up to. Were they both adopted and raised together? That’s a RUMOR out there. Is Rebecca Emily’s long lost twin? Are they the conning duo with Helena pulling the strings? Will both second guess their choices because of feelings towards the residents of Port Charles? Rebecca is getting closer to Nikolas and Ethan has a whole new family. It looks like TPTB did not take my advice… they should have made Rebecca, Emily.

We’ve dished on this… Matt loses a patient. Are they connected to the Mayor? Will he be facing a malpractice suit? Robin and Patrick factor in as they investigate why Matt’s patient died.

JaSam fans… They should be having adventures as it applies to Sam’s job as a P.I. and dealing with the crazy Corinthos kids.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Carly and Claudia fight it out and Michael ain’t siding with his mama. Jason tells Sam to watch out for Kristina. Mrs. Floyd has revenge on the mind. Just how much trouble and embarrassment will Kristina unload on her mother? Don’t worry, Sonny SHOULD be feeling his daughter’s wrath as well. Another Spinelli “dream” sequence? Another trip to GH for Luke? Will the last Friday in May be a big day? Claudia decides to look into Olivia’s secrets in hope that she’ll leave town. Is this how Dante comes into play? Is Holly Sutton returning this fall?

CRAZIEST RUMOR OUT THERE… Is Lucky Spencer getting killed off, again? There have been plenty of RUMORS regarding Greg Vaughan’s status with the show and the LATEST is that Lucky MAY be killed off. I’m not putting too much stock in this one just yet but I figured it would be a great discussion topic, so discuss…