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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Billy Has a REALLY Bad Day!

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Musical Partners of Jack, Sharon, Billy, Chloe, Raul, and Mac:


Mac sat alone at the Chancellor Estate and looked at the engagement ring Raul gave her, flashing back to the proposal. Meanwhile over at the Abbott Estate Billy sat obviously upset and flashed back himself to Raul telling him he wanted to marry Mac. Chloe snapped him out of this memory by suggesting they have a family outing at the park. Billy didn't respond so she said he could invite Mac and Raul and tell them it was killing him that they were together. He got fed up with the conversation and said he had to go before storming out.

Jack was in deep thought in the living room and Sharon noticed this. She asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine. She mentioned they hadn't seen eachother much in the past couple of days and he responded that he wanted to give her space to grieve alone. She asked if he was mad about that and he said he was fine with it. She told him she'd had a conversation that she wanted to share with him and asked him if he would be around later. He said he would be and she left.

Once she was gone Billy came in and asked Jack where he'd been as he'd been trying to call him. Jack said he stopped answering when he threw his phone against the wall. Confused Billy wondered why Jack did that and Jack told him he knew about the affair with Sharon.

Billy tried to explain that they were drunk and it didn't mean anything but Jack knew it had happened more than once and was furious and in disbelief. He reminded Billy about everything he'd done for him and how he'd stood up for him when no one else would. He ended by telling Billy he needed to take responsibility for his actions and grow up. Billy told him that he was a bad guy and had no defense but Jack said he couldn't use that excuse anymore.

Raul went over to tell Mac he was going nuts over her delay in answering his marriage proposal. He started on a tyrade but was cut short when he realized she was saying yes.

Jack told Billy that he couldn't stand to look at him because he's his brother and he loves him but he didn't think he could ever forgive him. They were both in tears when Chloe and Sharon came in and asked what was going on. Jack lied and said that Billy screwed up a business deal which Billy somewhat went along with. Delia started to get fussy so Billy took her and Chloe and left. When Sharon asked him what was wrong Jack changed the subject and asked her what conversation she wanted to talk to him about.

Katherine returned home to find Mac and Raul who told her they were engaged. She congratulated them and Raul left to go call his parents. Katherine questioned why Mac had never mentioned Raul before and if it had anything to do with Billy. Mac admitted seeing Billy stirred up old feelings but he was her past and Raul was her future.

Chloe caught Billy drinking and asked him what was going on with him and Jack. Billy tried to reiterate Jack's story but Chloe was buying it. He told her to stop interrogating him and she said she was just worried about him. He brought up everything that was wrong in his life and seemed most upset about Raul wanting to marry Mac. Chloe said maybe Billy was right and they weren't going to work. He said they both knew it wasn't going to be easy then said he had to get out of there and left Chloe in tears.

Sharon said she talked to Noah and told him about the pregnancy. Jack asked how he handled it and Sharon said he was very supportive. Jack said that obviously the day wasn't as bad as they thought it would be but Sharon responded that it was but Noah cut through all that and reminded her of how lucky she was to be having this baby and to be having it with Jack.

Billy went over to see Mac, but before he could tell her why he was there Raul and Katherine came back into the room. Raul and Mac told Billy they were engaged to which Billy congratulated them but Katherine could see how upset he was.

Sharon could tell Jack was still upset and said if he had changed his mind about saving their marriage and raising this baby together to tell her now. Jack said that he hadn't and he loved her and even if the baby wasn't an Abbott he wanted to raise he or she.

Billy returned home which was completely empty. Chloe showed up at Katherine's and saw them all toasting Mac and Raul's engagement. She told them that she and Billy split up and she was moving back in there.

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Anniversary of Phillip's Death:

Nina and Katherine showed up at Phillip's grave and talked about the day that Phillip got in the accident.

Jill came downstairs and found Mac sitting alone. They talked about Jill not being at the party and Jill made a crack about not wanting to help Murphy flip burgers. Mac admitted she could understand why Jill would want to be alone to gear up for that day. Jill said she didn't want to spend anymore time with Katherine then what was necessary and left.

Nina read a letter Phillip IV had written to her at his father's grave and told Katherine she still couldn't believe that Cane was the real Phillip. Jill showed up and asked if Nina was really still harping on that. Katherine said Phillip would have been happy that they were all there together since they all loved him and were a part of what happened to him. 

Jill tried to pick a fight with Katherine about making her look bad in Phillip's eyes. She flashed back to an argument she had with him about it. Nina then flashed back to arguing with Phillip about her being pregnant. And Katherine flashed back to arguing with him about his drinking. Jill blamed Katherine for not telling her about his problem and Katherine said she was sorry. 

Nina returned to the grave later and Jill was still there. She started to question Jill about how Cane was found and was skeptical about the circumstances. Jill said there was a DNA test and Nina said those can be wrong which left Jill with obvious doubts. 

Adam Continues to Scheme:

Victor came to Adam's room and asked him to keep an eye on Ashley and tell him if she had anymore episodes. He also asked Adam to encourage Ashley to seek professional help. Adam said he would do what he could and Victor left. 

Victor went downstairs and busted Ashley going over work papers. He took them from her and said he didn't want her to be over stressed. She asked him not to treat her like an invalid but he assured her he was just trying to get her to follow doctor's orders. She said that since Estella was gone there hadn't been anymore incidents so he didn't need to worry. She also mentioned she still thought Estella was behind everything and had asked Rafe to lie for her to give her an alibi for the phone call.

Adam went into Ashley's room to plant another surveillance device. When he was done he accidentally bumped into the furniture which Ashley heard from outside the room. By the time she got inside Adam was already hiding under the bed. Victor came in and brought her some tea and left. She went into the bathroom and Adam started to sneak out but she caught him before he could. She asked him what he was doing there and he said that he was just checking on her. She thanked him for his concern and he told her about Victor asking him for his help in monitoring her. After he left she crawled into bed obviously upset.

Olivia came by and Victor told her they needed to stop pressuring Ashley to seek professional help or they may lose her. Olivia wasn't comfortable with that but Victor reminded her there hadn't been anymore incidents. Olivia asked him if he believed as Ashley did that Estella was behind everything and he said no.

Ashley woke up from a nightmare screaming and Victor and Olivia ran into check on her as Adam watched from his room obviously pleased with himself.

Honeymoon Bliss:

Lily and Cane continued on their blissful honeymoon and prepared to go scuba diving, but all Cane really wanted to do was get her out of her bathing suit. After they got back lunch arrived and Lily told him there was one more surprise in store. He finally convinced her to show him the surprise which was a trip to Australia. He told her he didn't want to go because there was nothing and no one there he wanted to go back to. Flash over to a bar where a man who looks exactly like Phillip was working.