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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Brady's Mad as Hell and He's Not Going to Take It Anymore


Rafe is dreaming about sleeping with Sami, when he’s interrupted by a phone call. It’s Sami. She tells him she was thinking of him. He asks her if she wants him to come over but Sami tells him she’s heading to the pub to tell Caroline about him adopting Grace. They agree to meet later and then Rafe has to let her go because he has another call on the line. When Sami hangs up, she tries to say “I love you” out loud. On the other line, Rafe tells the person he’s talking to that he’s still interested and knows exactly what he’s getting himself into.


Sami starts getting Grace ready to go to the pub and tells Will where she’s headed. He asks if he can borrow some money for breakfast at the Java Café. Sami teases him about meeting Mia and gives him the money. She tells him to have a good time and to let Mia know she’ll be taking Mia up on her offer to baby-sit. Will leaves and an excited Sami gushes to Grace that Will has a crush.

Brady and Nicole:

Brady storms over to the DiMera mansion and demands that Nicole tell him where Stephanie is. When Nicole tries to play innocent, Brady looks at Sydney and threatens to do whatever it takes to get Stephanie back. Nicole can’t believe Brady is blackmailing her. Brady tells her that he’s had it with the DiMeras and he’s worried about Stephanie. Nicole says she doesn’t know where Stephanie is and Brady tells her that they’re gong to have a long conversation then about how she’s going to find out where Stephanie is or he’s going to blow Nicole’s little family out of the water. Wow, Brady’s hot when he’s all protective!

Nicole tells Brady to calm down and realize that if EJ had kidnapped Stephanie, he wouldn’t talk to her about it. Then, she tries to plead with him not to take it out on her and Sydney. She says that Sydney is just an innocent bystander. Brady reminds her that Stephanie was too. He reams her out for being with a man who would take an already traumatized Stephanie and use her as a bargaining chip. Nicole tries to argue with him again and he reminds her that she doesn’t just have to worry about him, but about Mia too.

Brady tells Nicole that Mia’s been telling people that she was in rehab to cover up her pregnancy. Nicole seems thrilled with the lie, until Brady also informs her that Mia’s tired of lying – especially to this boy she likes and that the boy is Will.

Later, Nicole mutters to herself that Mia likes Will and then text messages her to meet at the pier.

Victor and Caroline:

Caroline storms into the Kiriakis mansion waving today’s newspaper in her hand and yells at Victor for letting things get so out of hand. She asks how kidnapping Stefano and raging war with the DiMeras was keeping Stephanie safe. Victor tries to get her to calm down but it doesn’t work and she demands to see Stephanie.

Victor tells Caroline that Stephanie isn’t there and it’s because he’s trying to keep her safe. Caroline doesn’t really believe him and wants to know where Stephanie is and asks if she can talk to her on the phone at least. Victor says it’s best if Caroline doesn’t know

where she is right now. Caroline isn’t too impressed and warns Victor that she’s going to make sure that Stephanie sees right through Victor and Philip.

Brady and Arianna:

Brady and Arianna run into each other again at the park. They sling flirty insults and Brady takes off in a hurry.

Melanie/Philip/Owen/Stephanie/Owen’s Father/Victor:

Melanie and Philip are hanging out at the cemetery waiting for Owen’s father. When Melanie thinks she’s spotted him, she decides to go over and talk to him. Philip tells her to be careful and she heads over there.

Owen ties Stephanie to a chair and she thanks him for getting her some clothes. He tells her that he’s not an idiot; he knows that she’s just being nice to him in hopes of getting away. Stephanie says she’s not stupid enough to make him angry since he has a gun. Owen pulls out some duct tape in reply. Please tell me that is going on her mouth, pretty please!

Owen meets up with his father and tells him that before he goes away he needs his help. He asks if he can lay low at his father’s. They are interrupted by Melanie, so Owen high tails it out of there.

Owen heads back to a Stephanie, who is making a lot of noise for a gagged woman. He pulls her out of the morgue fridge and he doesn’t look too happy. He tells Stephanie that now he’s going to have to tie her up tighter.

Meanwhile, Victor calls Philip and wants to know where he is, but Philip reminds him that he always warns Philip about what to say over the phone. Victor says he just wants to know if Philip’s okay and Philip tells him that he is. Victor suggests he go for a trip to see the world, but Philip tells him he can’t go anywhere without Stephanie.

Victor tells Philip about Caroline’s visit and that she doesn’t know about Stephanie. He guesses that Bo is keeping it a secret right now for a reason. Victor and Philip agree that the person who has Stephanie can’t know they’re looking for him or he’ll kill her.

Melanie tells Owen’s father some sob story about having a dying grandmother. Then, they head to the morgue.

Stephanie pleads Owen not tie her up again, when they suddenly hear voices. Owen grabs her by the mouth and tells her if she makes a sound, he’ll kill anyone coming to help her. Then, he grabs her and they hide behind the wall. Meanwhile, Melanie and Owen’s father walk in. Melanie spins some lies about her home town and recognizes Stephanie’s earring on the ground.

Out in the Cemetery, Philip flashes back to his argument with Stephanie. Meanwhile, Melanie takes the opportunity of a delivery at the morgue to make her get away and Owen keeps Stephanie quiet in their hiding place.

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Later, Melanie goes back to where Philip is and tells him about finding the earring. She takes her phone out to call the police, but Philip stops her. He tells her that just because she found the earring there doesn’t mean Stephanie’s still there and they can’t do anything until they know for sure.

Owen thanks his father for covering with Melanie. His father wants to know what’s going on and Owen tells him he’ll tell him later. He re-assures his father that he has everything under control and hugs him.

Meanwhile, a tied up Stephanie tries to crawl away. However, Owen returns to the morgue and stops Stephanie from leaving. He says that he can’t let her friend get very far and pulls out his gun.

Melanie and Philip try to figure out their next move. Philip decided he needs to break in. Melanie cracks that he doesn’t need to break in to the mortuary because people are dying to get in there.


Caroline gets back to pub to meet Sami. Sami realizes she’s upset and asks what’s wrong. Caroline explains that she had a bad meeting with Victor. She tells Sami that sometimes she wishes she hadn’t told Victor that he was Bo’s father because he’s such an arrogant tyrant. Then, Caroline changes the subject and asks Sami why she wanted to meet. Sami tells her that Rafe is going to adopt Grace. A surprised Caroline replies, “You can’t be serious.”

Caroline asks Sami what Marlena and Roman think of this news about Rafe adopting Grace. Sami admits she hasn’t told them yet. Caroline assumes that she the test case then. Sami thinks that Caroline is overreacting because she’s in bad mood. However, Caroline insists that she just wants Sami to wake up and think about the fact that she’s going to give parental rights to someone she barely knows, who knows nothing about being father and who also happens to be unemployed. Sami begins to argue, when Rafe interrupts saying that actually he just got job. Sami smiles at Caroline.

Sami gets up and hugs Rafe and congratulates him on his new job. Sami tells Caroline that Bo and Roman wouldn’t hire Rafe on to the police force if he wasn’t a good guy. Then Rafe clarifies that he’s not joining the police force, he got a construction job. Sami’s excitement fizzles and Rafe comments that she and Caroline don’t seem too thrilled about his new job.

Caroline tells Rafe that she’s not a snob and asks that if he wanted to be a cop, will he be happy not doing that. Rafe says he needs to work because he’s a family man now. Caroline tells Sami that he’s not going to change just like that and she doesn’t know if either of them are being realistic. Rafe replies by telling Caroline the story about when his cousin introduced his fiancée to his grandmother and how she didn’t like her until she saw how his fiancée took care of him. Caroline asks Sami if she’s sure Rafe isn’t Irish. Sami laughs and Caroline asks if Rafe’s hungry and tells him to sit down. Sami tells Rafe that if Caroline’s going to feed him that’s a very good thing. Then, they kiss.

Arianna shows up and Sami is taken off guard when Arianna comments about Grace becoming her niece. Sami tells Rafe she didn’t know he had told anyone and Arianna snaps that she is his sister. Caroline comes over and tells them that she didn’t realize that Arianna and Rafe were siblings. Rafe tells Arianna that she should talk to Caroline about the adoption because she isn’t thrilled with it either. Arianna and Rafe go on to argue through their teeth while they smile. Arianna comments that things could go wrong and Sami tells her that she’s seen Rafe in action when things go wrong and that’s why she agreed to have Rafe adopt Grace.

Once they’re alone, Sami and Rafe talk about Caroline and Arianna being against the adoption. They observe that the two of them and Grace seem to be the only ones who think that this adoption is a good idea.


Mia apologizes for making Will cover for her at school. He tells her not to worry about it. Then, they talk about his baseball game. When, they start talking about genetics in their science homework, Will points out that he keeps telling his mother that she needs Grace’s medical history in case something happens. Then, Mia takes a phone call and Will runs into bitchy Mackenzie. She makes fun of Mia for being a druggie and Will blasts her for it and tells her that he thinks it’s cool that Mia has been honest about everything.

Later, Mia takes off when she gets the text message from Nicole. When she’s gone, Mackenzie comes back and starts mocking Mia again to Will. Will tells her to get lost but she won’t leave. She tells him that she won’t because she’s worried that he’ll get hurt by Mia. Will tells her that he knows everything he needs to know about Mia.

Mia and Nicole:

Mia meets up with Nicole at the pier and isn’t too happy about being summoned. Nicole tells her that she’s not happy with Mia playing addict. Nicole tries to sweet talk her again, but Mia isn’t putting up with it. She starts talking back and Nicole tells her that while Will, may seem nice and harmless like his father, his mother is anything but nice. Mia tries to defend Sami, but Nicole tells her that if she thinks Sami’s nice, then Mia’s dumber than she thought.

Mia tells Nicole that she likes Will’s mother and that Nicole can’t tell her how to feel. She starts to back up and leave but Nicole stops her and calls Sami a scheming liar. Mia shoots back that she’s one to talk. Nicole tries to sell herself as justified, claiming that Sami tried to steal her husband using her kids to do it, where as Nicole has done everything for Sydney. Mia thinks Nicole is full of crap and asks why Nicole thinks she’s the only one allowed to love her kid. Mia tells Nicole that Sami is such a good mother that she’s willing to let the man who saved her adopt Grace, to help give her the best life possible and that makes Sami a really great mom.

On the Next episode of Days of Our Lives:

Mia yells at Nicole, "You know what, Nicole, you're gonna stay away from me or you're gonna be sorry."

Sami tells Rafe, "Maybe this adoption isn't such a good idea."

Brady comes into the morgue and asks Melanie and a shirtless Philip, "What in the hell are you two doing?"

Stephanie tells Owen, "She's in love with Phillip and more than anything in the world, she wants me out of the way."

Just a Few Thoughts:

Brady sure is hot with his take no prisoners attitude! Nicole had better watch out - he does have both Kiriakis and DiMera blood running through his veins. I think they should let his edgier side out once in a while.

Oh, and I guess Victor's still got it. He was still under Caroline's skin for most of her conversation with Sami and Rafe at the pub. She keeps saying she needs to save Stephanie the way she saved herself, but I don't think she's as "saved" as she thinks she is -lol! I also liked her honest reaction Sami and Rafe's adoption plan. I loved how she saw right through Sami's attempt at using her as test run before telling Roman and Marlena. Sami needs to share scenes with some of her family once in a while!