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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Mac and Chloe Bond...Sorta!

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We currently have an octagon disaster of Jack, Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Billy, Chloe, Mac, and Raul. To briefly summarize this mess we have Jack and Sharon back together but her baby may be her ex-husband Nick's who is currently married to Jack's ex-wife Phyllis or Jack's kid brother Billy's who is currently married to Chloe who already has a baby by Billy but moved out because he's still hung up on his ex-cousin/ex-wife Mac who recently got engaged to his childhood best friend Raul. Now everyone take a deep breath and Ok now that's out of the way let's get started with what happened on today's episode of The Young and the Restless.


The Octagon of Doom:

Billy called Chloe's phone and left her a voicemail that she'd made her point and it was time to come home. Meanwhile at the Chancellor's Raul talked to Mac saying he hoped that Billy wasn't cheating on Chloe. Chloe joined them and Raul asked her if she wanted him to go talk to Billy for her. Chloe said no and Mac offered as well but Chloe said that Billy would need to make major changes before she came back and she didn't see that happening. Esther arrived and took Chloe to make some iced tea and talk about what was going on. Raul told Mac he didn't see Billy settling down and he didn't look like a man in love which made him greatful for what they have. He asked her once again to go back to D.C. with him.

Jack got a visit from the ghost of John who told him he should be nicer to Jill and Gloria because he was wasting all his time on resentment. Jack said he must be a disappointment to him and John said both his sons were disappointing him. Jack brought up Billy sleeping with Sharon but John reminded him about the time he slept with Jill when John was in love with her. He also told him to remember that Billy was his brother.

Jill went over to ask Billy to talk to Jack for her but Billy said that he and Jack weren't on great terms and it wouldn't be a good idea. She asked him what she could do to help and Billy said he needed to do it on his own. She asked where Delia was and he told her about Chloe and Delia leaving and moving into the Chancellor Estate.

Chloe told Esther about Billy completely shutting her out and him caring more about Mac then her. Esther didn't believe it but Chloe was determined he only wanted his daughter and knew it was a two for one deal. She said she'd tried everything to get him to open up but Billy didn't want anything to do with her so she left before she lost all her dignity. She said she also wanted to be a good example for Delia because she wouldn't want Delia treated that way either. Delia started crying so Esther went to go check on her.

Mac told Raul she couldn't drop everything and go to D.C.. Raul confessed he got a promotion and wanted her to come work with him. She said she couldn't go though because she needed to spend some time with her Grandmother. Raul responded that he didn't want to be separated from her again and couldn't afford weekend trips there but Mac said they'd figure it out. He said it was time to go and Mac asked him for one second so she could talk to Chloe. She told Chloe she was sorry things were so bad for her right now and Chloe retorted that it was all Mac's fault.

Mac told Chloe that she was genuinely sorry for what was happening with Billy but she wasn't to blame. Raul came over to say goodbye and once again try to get Mac to go with him. She told him she loved him and said goodbye. Chloe said it was nice to meet him and he said he'd cross his fingers for her and Billy. After he left Chloe brought up how Billy felt about her and Raul's engagement and Mac said he'd get over it. Chloe asked her if she was sure she just didn't want to see how Billy would react.

Jill asked Billy what happened. He said that he had a bad day, Chloe wanted to talk about it, he didn't so he left and when he got back they were gone. Jill asked him if he called her and he said he did but Chloe wasn't answering. Jill told him Chloe loved him so if he wanted it to work out it would and asked if Billy wanted her back. He said he didn't know, but he didn't want to hurt her or lose his kid. Jill reminded him he didn't need to be married to Chloe in order to be a part of Delia's life. She said that she didn't blame Chloe for not wanting to be in a marriage with someone who didn't want to be with her and said Billy needed to decide once and for all if he was in or out.

Chloe told Mac that she didn't want Delia to have the same life she did not knowing her dad or having a flaky mom. She said Mac wouldn't understand and Mac told her she was making a lot of assumptions because her life was the same. She told Chloe that she never knew her dad when she was little and her mom being a bit off. Chloe said that Billy was a great dad but she couldn't handle Billy looking at her anymore like she was invisible. Mac assured her she wasn't in love with Billy anymore but Chloe told her that Billy didn't know that.

Chloe told Esther she didn't realize how similar Mac's upbringing was to hers and Esther said that Mac was a straight shooter and didn't play games. Esther said when Mac said something she believed it and Chloe told her Mac said she was over Billy.

Billy also got a visit from John's ghost who told him it wasn't the first time he screwed up and wouldn't be the last because Billy had a lot of growing up to do. Billy asked him why life had to be so hard and said he should go back to Hong Kong. John asked him what was stopping him and Billy mentioned Delia's smile and how he never thought he'd feel that way about his kid. John asked him what he was going to do about it and Billy said he was open to suggestions. There was a knock on the door which made John disappear. Billy answered it and came face to face with Mac.

Mac asked him why he wasn't at the Chancellor Estate begging Chloe to come back. He said he called her but Mac said he should be over there not making calls. Mac told him that Chloe grew up a lot like she did and asked Billy if he wanted his daughter raised by another man. He said he didn't and he wasn't abandoning his kid. Mac told him if that was true then he needed to get over to the Chancellor Estate now.

Chloe got Billy's message and told Esther he didn't apologize. Esther asked Chloe if she'd rather be right or happy. Jill showed up and told Chloe about her talk with Billy. Chloe told her she was probably happy it didn't work out but Jill said that the breakup of a marriage especially with a kid involved was never something to celebrate. She told Chloe not to make ultimatums unless she was ready to follow through with it because Billy was very confused and it could go either way.

Billy told Mac to be honest and say why she was really there. She told him she didn't want him to ruin his life. He said it wasn't her business since she was engaged to Raul and he couldn't believe she was marrying him. She brought up how Raul was his friend and saved his life but Billy retorted that she didn't love him like she should love someone she was going to marry. She told him he didn't have any idea about her anymore because they hadn't seen each other in years. She finally snapped that they weren't kids anymore and he needed to grow up. Billy said that she was blaming it on him so she wouldn't have to face the truth and asked her if he was available would she still be marrying Raul and she said yes.

Gloria, Jeffrey, and Jill Can't Handle Poverty:

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Gloria and Jeffrey finally made it home to find out that they were evicted from the club and their things were put in storage. Jeffrey told her it was time to sell the diamonds she has stashed away but she refused. He told her she would need to ask her sons for a loan but she doesn't want them to know.

Jill went over to the Abbott's to talk to Jack about becoming partners. Jack wasn't interested in the least and mentioned how she stuck it to the Abbotts when she had Jabot stock. He went on to tell her that if she wanted to partner with someone to ask the mustache and kicked her out.

Jeffrey and Gloria looked at the classifieds to find a new place to live and Gloria picked out a penthouse. Jeffrey told her they couldn't afford that which Gloria responded that they knew that but the point was to make sure the landlord didn't know that.

Jill ran into Gloria and Jeffrey and they all lied to each other that things weren't as bad as they thought and immediately admitted they all lied and had nothing but agreed not to tell anyone.

Gloria and Jeffrey went to see Phyllis about renting her penthouse. Phyllis said that could probably work out but when Gloria and Jeffrey brought up not having to pay first and last and the deposit Phyllis told them she'd rather just stick to the conditions of the lease.

Jeffrey wrote Phyllis a check and once Phyllis was out of ear shot they talked about celebrating. As they were leaving they ran into Jack. He told her that if she was hiding any money his lawyers would find it. She told him that Jeffrey was paying for everything. Phyllis gave them the keys to the penthouse and Jack told her he wanted to talk to her about Sharon's baby.

Ashley Fears a Miscarriage:

Ashley calmed down after waking up from her nightmare. Olivia and Victor asked her what it was about and Adam listened hoping to get details to use in his next scheme but Ashley claimed not to remember it.

Ashley apologized for scaring them and talked with Olivia about how vivid dreams are during a pregnancy. Olivia told her putting lavender under her pillow would help her sleep and relax so Victor told her he'd get her some. After they left Ashley got a visit from John's ghost and started to talk to him which Adam was weirded out by.

Olivia told Victor there wasn't anything physically wrong with Ashley but they wouldn't know about psychologically unless she saw a professional. Victor said he didn't want to pressure her and chance her having another breakdown. She asked him if he thought Ashley could be doing these things to herself and Victor said it didn't matter because they were all very real to her. Olivia suggested he see a shrink to find out how to best help Ashley and watch for signs of another breakdown. Victor said he saw her institutionalized once and didn't want to see that again.

Ashley told John how scared she was about losing the baby and what that would do to Victor too. John told her to stop putting so much pressure on herself and remember that Victor loves her. She then told John about the nightmare which was of Sabrina coming into her room and trying to smother her with a pillow. Adam watched this whole conversation take place looking all smug.

Olivia told Victor she'd make a few calls to set some things up. Adam came down and claimed to not hear Ashley freak out and said he wished there was something he could do. Upstairs Ashley woke up in pain.

Olivia advised Victor that she'd set up an appointment with a psychologist and thanked Adam for his support of Ashley. Just then Ashley came downstairs and said she was bleeding and thought she was losing the baby.

Coming up tomorrow...

Sharon asks Nick what if the baby turns out to be Jack's and Nick says they have to tell her tonight (I'm assuming Phyllis).

Sharon confesses to Jack that he and Nick aren't the only ones who might be the father of the baby.

Ashley looks through a book that has a picture of Victor and Sabrina in it.