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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Mary Jane: The nutty PR queen goes to great lengths to get what she wants. Too bad her boss Victor doesn't know what her plans are.


Paul: It seems the gumshoe rattled Mary Jane's cage so much, she presses charges against him for stalking!

Mac: She finally confesses her feelings for old love Billy and kisses him.

When he's grilled by Nina about his past, he becomes nervous and calls Langley.

After Ash takes a tumble, she loses the baby. Ashley tries to confront Adam on what she saw with "Sabrina", but he is able to trick her into thinking it was all a dream. Adam blackmails Ashley's doctor into making her think she's still pregnant.

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Victoria: She embarks on a undercover operation.

When the faux FBI agent winds up dead, he becomes the lead suspect. The person responsible for the fake fed's death is in possession of Victoria's briefcase filled with money.

All of the lies that her new hubby Cane has spun finally catches up to him and prompts Lily to leave him!

At Restless Style, Nick tells Sharon that he's leaving Phyllis for her, but Sharon shoots Nick down! Sharon still loves Nick, but doesn't want him back because she just happens to knocked up. Sharon wants Nick back if he really isn't in love with Big Red anymore. She isn't buying it when he tells he wants her. In Sharon's mind, Nick has chosen Phyllis time after time, so she's a bit skeptical of his declaration. Nick is stunned and baffled by Sharon's response and tries to get her to understand and rethink her decision, but Sharon sticks to her guns and tells Nick that she doesn't want Nick to destroy his family for her. Meanwhile, Phyllis shows up at the magazine just in time to bust up the duo's conversation. Nick decides to lay his cards on the table to everyone, but Sharon intercepts him by stressing to Phyllis that she's going to reconnect with Jack and raise her child with him and leaves. Phyllis grills Nick on the status of their marriage and before Nick can tell her, they get a call about Summer and Phyllis goes to be with her.

Before she leaves, Phyllis drops a hint to her hubby that she knows what he and Sharon were discussing. Later on, Jack comes home to find Sharon perplexed on her situation. Jack lets her know that it is going to be alright with them and she thanks him for standing by her. Sharon is once again shocked when Jack decides to pop the question to her! Jack tells her that he's happy they will raise the baby together, but nothing would make him even more delighted is if Sharon married him again. Sharon decides to think about Jack's proposal. Phyllis has a showdown with Nick where he lets her know that they've lost something in their marriage and implores to her that Sharon isn't the cause. Phyllis doesn't buy what Nick's saying and he finally confesses how he really feels about Sharon and tells her they need to go their separate ways. A dejected Phyllis takes Nick up on what he says and ends him hitting the sheets with Jack!