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Y&R's Clementine Ford to Access Hollywood: "I Was Just Kinda Living My Life"

The Young and the Restless
star Clementine Ford gave a refreshing interview with Access Hollywood about her coming out process, her stint on The L Word and why she wanted to do a soap. You know, Ford is definitely taking some time to gel in the role of Mackenzie "Mac" Browning, but seeing how natural she is in interviews makes me want to give her a little more time. I know, I know, I ripped her recently on the podcast, but there's something about Ford that makes me want to see her succeed in the part. I've seen more than one soap superstar take years to grow into their roles—a couple who became Y&R superstars—so I will continue to hold off on the emergency Wishful Re-Casting of Mac for the time being. Let's just hope Ford can figure out a way to infuse her performance with some of her easygoing real life personality.

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