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An Open Letter to Jill Farren Phelps


Dear Ms. Phelps,

I will keep this brief.

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In the name of all that is holy, change the frakkin' opening credits to General Hospital!

I don't know which is worse on your part, the fact that it seemingly takes half a decade to add or subtract contract cast members or that ding dang ending shot of all "The Men of GH" — half of which aren't even on the show anymore.

How is that a show like Guiding Light, which you once produced and with 1/84th your GH budget, can manage to keep its opening credits updated to current storylines on a daily basis but GH, having laid out $3 million to upgrade its studio facilities to high definition, somehow can't get it together to find a way to digitially erase Justus Ward (last played by M'fundo Morrison), a character who has been dead since 2006?

God knows I love me some Stuart Damon (occasional ghost Alan Quartermaine) and SebastainRoché (occasional smarmy Jerry Jax), but why are they still flashing on our screens day in and day out? Is there any good explanation for Scott Clifton, who is now playing an entirely different character on another show, still being featured other than as an excuse to see Luke (Tony Geary) to stylishly rise from his chair and defiantly walk away? Or is the strategy that if you don't change that last shot and wait long just enough, actors like the rumored to be returning Ted King might show up again and save you some money on reshoots? A barely cropped out of the shot Wally Kurth? Really? With Megan Ward (Kate) off contract and Rick Hearst (Ric) off to Bold & Beautiful, how long will it take for them to be replaced in the credits? 2016?

While many fans skip or don't pay attention to credits, there are some of us who do. I am something of a credit junkie. I feel the opening of a show sets its tone and helps ground the viewer that show's reality. I like the visual style of General Hospital's opening, and the current variation of Dave Kos' "Faces of the Heart", while having become dated, is still catchy enough in its own right. It's just long past time that whoever is slow on the uptake with updating the cast shots or is enamored with that last group shot of the GH men to get over themselves and get with the program.

At the rate you usually go, I wouldn't be shocked to see Bert Ramsey and one of those ladies from 1985's Asian Quarter storyline pop up in the middle of a lens flare.