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ATI President Shares Thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful Tour

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ATI president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment Jim Romanovich, shared his thoughts with We Love Soaps about his recent visit to the set of The Bold and the Beautiful. In the preview below they talk about Brad Bell, Lee Phillip Bell and Susan Flannery.


Brad Bell was extremely gracious with his time and was very excited about our being involved with the Daytime Emmys. I congratulated him on his show’s nomination. But the real surprise for me was in seeing Lee Phillip who is just as genuine and as friendly as you can imagine. Coming from Chicago myself, Lee was Oprah before Oprah and much of what you see through Oprah and other talk shows originated with Lee’s shows back in the day. She is a true television icon and I was completely humbled in her presence.

And Susan Flannery…what can I say? This is, in my opinion, one of the three top actresses in daytime television…no, strike that! One of the three top actresses…period! Every time she is on screen, the result is several notches higher than what is on the written page. She has that rare ability to bring out the very best in her co-stars, as wonderful as they are anyway, which is the mark of a great actor. A great actor plays the author’s intent even when their character is not the focal point of a scene. But her reaction to other actors is worth the price of gold. Acting is reacting, especially on television, and watching Susan Flannery is like attending a master acting class. She is a generous actor that allows her co-stars to shine. She always plays the truth! And that is the most important role for an actor. It was my privilege to meet to her, if I haven’t been obvious enough.

Visit We Love Soaps for the entire article and more details on The Bold and the Beautiful tour.

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