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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Death Becomes Him

Mia & Nicole: At the pier, Mia scoffs at Nicole’s gull for thinking she’s the only one allowed to love her baby. Mia tells her that Sami is a great mom and thinks it’s wonderful that Sami’s looking out for Grace’s best interests and letting Rafe adopt Grace. Nicole is surprised by the news of the adoption and Mia assumes she doesn’t like the news, but Nicole tells her that she thinks the news is fantastic.


Mia calls Nicole out on just being glad that this will keep Sami away from EJ. Nicole shrugs and comments that two good things come out of this. Mia loses it and tells her that she’s sick of Nicole’s and Dr. Baker’s secrets and lies and she doesn’t want to lie anymore. Nicole tells her that she wouldn’t have to lie if she didn’t hang out with Will. Mia loses it again and tells Nicole that just because she has her baby doesn’t mean she can’t tell her who to hang around with and what to do. Nicole argues that that isn’t what she’s trying to do. Mia goes toe-to-toe with her and informs her that if she doesn’t stay away from her she’ll be sorry. Then, Mia storms off.

Rafe/Sami/Nicole: At the pub, Rafe is playing with Grace when Sami comes over an tells him that she couldn’t tear Allie away from Caroline, but it’s okay because Lucas is coming to pick her up soon. Rafe tries to reassure her that everything will work out with the adoption and that Caroline will come around. Sami suggests that maybe her grandmother’s right and this is a bad idea.

Sami explains that Caroline told her it would be harder to tell her parents about the adoption and she was right. She says that her mother will be able to see right through her over the phone and her father will be tough to convince too. They’ll have questions about why he’s adopting Grace without getting married. Rafe tells her they’ll come around eventually. Sami sighs and tells him that she wishes he was Grace’s real father. He replies that he is and he will soon be her father legally too. And I’m still wondering how they’re pulling off the “legal” part of this adoption, but whatever. Rafe tells her soon she’ll have nothing to worry about and won’t know what to do with herself and they kiss.

Rafe looks at Grace and Sami and tells her they have the same smile. A nervous Sami looks around and warns him not to say stuff like that in public. Rafe tells her he had a nice time meeting her grandmother. She rolls her eyes and tells him he can’t mean that since she gave him such a hard time. Once again, he tells her that Caroline will come around and they kiss again. This time they are interrupted by Nicole who tells them they look like the definition of ‘domestic bliss’.

Sami demands to know what Nicole wants and Nicole says she wants nothing but to tell them what a nice looking family they make. Rafe spills the beans about the adoption and tells Nicole that she can go run off and tell EJ now. Sami tells her its none of her business and Nicole comments that she doesn’t understand all the hostility since she’s just happy for Sami. Sami isn’t buying it and accuses Nicole of being up to something and promise to find out what it is. Nicole cracks that Sami’s become awfully paranoid since she left witness protection. Sami tells her to get lost, so Nicole congratulates Rafe and leaves. Sami turns around and blasts Rafe for telling Nicole. He points out that she was going to find out eventually anyway. Sami accuses him of just wanting EJ to find out. A smiling Rafe replies that is part of the reason, but that he has another reason that he’s sure Sami will agree with.

Rafe explains that Sami doesn’t want Nicole poking around in her life and this news will make Nicole happy because it will keep Sami out of EJ’s orbit. Sami agrees that makes sense, but is still convinced that Nicole was just too happy by the news which means that she is up to something.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Sydney that she doesn’t know why Rafe fell for Sami, but she’s glad he did. He can keep Sami busy with Grace and Nicole can have Sydney and EJ all to herself. Now, she just has to get EJ out of jail.

Brady/Melanie/Philip/Stephanie/Owen: Brady heads over to the hospital to find Melanie since he hasn’t been able to reach her. He asks a nurse if she’s seen Melanie and finds out that Melanie is really late for her shift. Nearby, Melanie and Philip sneak around the hospital to put their plan into action. Melanie tells Philip that all they have to do is switch around some paperwork and get him in a body bag on a gurney and off to the funeral home morgue he goes. She tells him that once he gets there, she’ll be outside waiting for his signal. He shakes his head and says she’s not going. They argue about it but she won’t give in, so Philip does.

Meanwhile, another nurse over hears Brady talking at the nurses station and says that she just saw Melanie and tells Brady where. He heads over there and walks into the office where Philip and Melanie are just as she’s about to zip him up in the body bag. Brady demands to know what the two of them are up to. Philip tells him that it’s none of his business. However, he changes tune after Brady threatens to go to hospital security. They explain to Brady what they’re doing. First, Brady tries to get them to call Bo, but when Philip seems determined to do this on his own, Brady tells Philip he’s going as his back up. Philip tells Melanie that means she doesn’t have to come now, but the stubborn redhead says she’s tagging along anyway, otherwise she’s calling the police herself. Philip reluctantly agrees. Then, they zip him up and Brady and Melanie hide as they wait for Philip to be taken away.

Later, two men come into the office and look at the paperwork and take Philip away. Then, Brady and Melanie get out from their hiding spots and follow them.

Meanwhile, over at the funeral home morgue, Stephanie tries to talk Owen out of going after Melanie. They go back and forth about it for a while and then he gets ready to gag her and leave, so Stephanie tells him she has something to tell him about Melanie first. She explains all the things Melanie has done to her to keep her and Philip apart and then tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about Melanie helping them find her because she wants Philip all to herself. Owen doesn’t understand why Stephanie would want to help Melanie after she’s done all those things to her.

Stephanie starts coughing and asks for some water. He gets her some and tells her not to try anything. She starts crying and tells him she’s going to miss her parents and her baby brother if she goes to Canada with him. He promises to let her call them after they get there. She hugs him and thanks him for taking care of her and then looks over at the gun. Owen tells her that Philip is a fool for ever arguing with her. She looks at the gun again and tells him that she liked him from the first moment they met and wishes she had met him first. She tells him she’s sure her mother would like him and they kiss. While they’re kissing, she slowly reaches for the gun, but Owen breaks the kiss and grabs it from her. He’s furious that she could do that to him.

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Stephanie tries to explain that she wasn’t trying anything, she just wanted to get rid of the gun because they scare since the shooting. Owen is still mad and gives her a drug to drink. She refuse to drink it because she doesn’t know what’s in it. He tells her it will just make her sleep and she has to choose between dealing with the drug or the gun. She reluctantly drinks it and starts getting sleepy right away. He assures her that he has drilled holes in the walls for her to breathe and then catches her as she passes out. He places her back on the slab.

Later, Owen’s father goes down to the morgue looking for Owen, but doesn’t find him. He sees one of the refrigerator doors is slightly open and goes over to it. However, he gets distracted by a phone call and starts yelling to the person on the other end that he better get the shipment today or he’ll look for another supplier, Then, the guys arrive with Philip’s 'body’. They show him their paper work for it, but he argues that he his paper work doesn’t say anything about receiving a body today and tells them they’ll have to take it back. Philip looks a little worried in the body bag.

Outside of the funeral home, Melanie and Brady wait for Philip’s signal. Owen sneaks up behind them and knocks Brady out. Then, he moves in on Melanie with his gun.

Lexie/Stefano/Abe: At the hospital, Lexie goes into Stefano’s room and he mumbles about wanting to get out of there. Lexie tells him that she can tell he’s doing better by his attitude and that he’s lucky that his blood work doesn’t show any significant damage from the lack of insulin.

He mumbles something about doing damage to Victor and Lexie loses it on him and tells him that if he had focused more on his health than on this feud with Victor, he would not be in the hospital and EJ would not be in jail. Stefano says he wants to speak with EJ, but Lexie refuses. They argue about it and Stefano keeps trying to get out of bed and Lexie keeps trying to stop him. He demands a phone, but Lexie tells him he can’t have one due to police orders. She warns him he’s lucky he’s not in handcuffs right now. Then, Abe walks in and Stefano demands a lawyer. Abe agree but tells him they’re going to have a little talk first.

Stefano refuses to talk without his lawyer. He and Abe argue about Lexie. Abe can’t believe Stefano keeps doing this to Lexie and putting her in this position. Abe says he wants nothing more than for Stefano to rot in jail but he would be willing to barter a deal for Lexie’s sake. Stefano replies by ordering him to get out. Abe goes right up to Stefano and asks if Lexie means nothing to him. Then he supposes that Stephanie and Philip mean nothing to him either. Stefano yells even louder for Lexie to get Abe out of there. Then a nurse walks in as Abe is leaving, and he tells her to just make sure Stefano stays alive long enough to find Stephanie and after that he doesn’t care what happens to him.

Lexie sighs.

Lexies heads into the waiting area to talk to Abe. He apologizes for his behaviour and tells her that Stefano just gets him so angry because of how he treats her. He tells her they need to get someone in there to talk talk to him so they can find out if Philip is still alive and where Stephanie is. Lexie suggests letting Stefano talk to EJ on the phone and use that as evidence but Abe argues that he can’t do that because Stefano asked for a lawyer.

Their discussion is interrupted by reporters who start ragging on Abe for not doing all he can to stop the DiMeras because his wife is one. Lexie gets the nurse to call hospital security and they come to drag the press away. The reporters promise to nail Abe if he is helping the Dimeras. After the reports leave, Abe sighs. Lexie asks what her family has done.

Will & Mia: At the Java Café, the barista asks Will where his girlfriend went and he starts to say that she isn’t his girlfriend, but stops himself and just says that she left. Then he goes and sits down.

Mia meets up with Will at Java again and suggests they do something besides drink coffee. He agrees so they go off and play some skee ball. Afterwards, they go back to Java and Will is wearing a horrifically silly hat. Mia teases him about it and about losing to her in skee ball. He suggests they try the batting cages next time. She accuses him of just wanting to win something. He laughs. Then, he suggests they really go and he could teach her.

Afterwards, the two of them are walking in the park, and Will assures her that she’ll get better hse just needs better balance and coordination. She teases that she has better coordination than him anyday. She demonstrates a turn to prove it. Will tries next, but stumbles into Mia's arms and the two of them exchange a longing look.

On the Next Episode if Days of Our Lives: Wrapped up in his giant Ziploc bag, Phillip thinks, “I’ve got to get out of here before Owen gets back. I’ve got to find Stephanie.”

Owen demands Melanie tell him, “If you and Brady are here, where’s Phillip?”

Kate tells Victor, “You just need to find Stephanie and you need to find Phillip and you need to clean this mess up!”

Maggie tells Lucas, “I have nothing to hide, Lucas.” He replies, “You know something. There’s something you’re not telling me. I can feel it.”

Just a few thoughts:

Okay, I don’t know if it was supposed to be funny but Lexie, Stefano and Abe’s arguing had me in stitches. Poor Lexie, stuck in the middle of the two of them.

Also, am I the only one thinking that maybe Rafe and Sami aren’t thinking this adoption thing through. I mean, I’m still sketchy on why they keep saying he’s going to adopt her legally when a few episodes ago, they admitted they couldn’t do that. So, this really isn’t making any sense. Oh, and there’s the fact that the only person congratulating them is Nicole. I would think that alone should be a big red warning flag!

Will and Mia are cute, but I think it’s a shame that show can’t afford to actually show some of their date stuff. It would have been nice to see instead of just hearing them recap it.

Oh, and while I appreciate the unnecessary shirtless Philip, how do those morons pushing him around in that body bag not notice he's breathing? Just a thought!