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DAYS' Shawn Christian on Daniel Jonas: "I Don't See Him as a Womanizer"

Contrary to popular belief, and of course what we see playing out on our screens, Days of Our Lives' hearthrob Shawn Christian insists to Michael Fairman his randy character Dr. Daniel Jonas was not in fact the inspiration for Britney Spears' "Womanizer".


Michael Fairman:How do you justify Daniel’s motivations? Is he truly still a “womanizer”?

Shawn Christian: Well, now I think he is more surprised that he is so taken with this woman, Chloe. So, no, I don’t see him as a womanizer and I never really did. What I do see is someone who lives life to the fullest. If he has feelings he will go with them, fortunately or unfortunately, without regards to the consequences. But, that’s how he lives his life, and unfortunately some people got wounded. Now he is left with pieces to pick up."

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I don't know why Christian is fighting the label so gigolo so hard. Soaps need good old-fashioned cads! For more of Fairman's interview with Christian and his character's latest onscreen lady love, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) go here.