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DC #410: Stereotypical Soap Taboos

On today's Daytime Confidential episodes Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Mike and Tina discuss the latest news for all eight soaps in one, supersized, episode.


Do spoilers really ruin the ability of writers to tell a story or do good spoilers make viewers tune in?

All My Children's "who shot Stuart" murder mystery is in full swing and everyone and their mother are suspects. The story has given us several good performances, but didn't Pine Valley's residents discover Stuart's identity really fast? Chrishell Stausere-signed through September.

James Stenbeck is returning to As the World Turns, but is it worth having a super villain return when using the "realistic" filming format. Rosanna was once a vegetable, now the once mighty Rosanna Cabot of Cabot Motors is weeding vegetables. Why is it all these super rich soap characters are losing their fortunes suddenly? Doesn't anyone use an accountant any more?

The Taylor and Ridge show on The Bold and the Beautiful doesn't work. What does Ridge have going on that makes women act like they do? Bridget, Bridget, Bridget. Could Spencer and Katie be where this story is headed, or will Spencer work his way through all the Logan women?

The Kiriakis versus DiMera feud is heating up on Days of Our Lives, but Owen isn't cutting it. Surprisingly Shelley Hennig is doing a really good job in this storyline, a throw back to her parent's storyline. Jillian makes a shocking revelation that moves her out of the EJami camp. Is the Rafe and Sami romance a classic NBC soap plot twist?

General Hospital has finally made it impossible for Jamey to defend Sonny's claim on Michael. Even Jamey wants Michael to live with the Quartermaines now. Michael waking up has re-energized Edward and Monica. What is up with General Hospital fashion this week? Sex on a couch isn't sexy, but it looks like the summer will have a lot more love in the afternoon. Emma Samms returned as Holly Scorpio.

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CBS moved the Save Guiding Light rally fans out of the sight of cameras. The Edmund murder mystery is heating up, even though there aren't very many suspects. Jamey hopes Reva is the killer.

The KAD killer story is wrapping up and it's provided some great scenes for One Life to Live fans. Are Blair, Tea and Marty all still in love with Todd, in their own way? Marty and Blair share a wonderful scene. Natalie and Jared reveal that Starr's baby is alive to their family. Where does Bess keep those black glasses so she can pull them out at will? Is Rex a dumb character?

Chris Engen quit The Young and the Restless. What does this mean for the actor, the character of Adam Newman and for the show? Thom Bierdz's return is confirmed as Phillip Chancellor III. What does this mean for Cane and Lily?

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