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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.29.09

It’s Q&A Day so ask away!

Another Newbie? Really? While he’ll factor into Claudia’s plans, Kristina’s name was mentioned as well. But here’s my question… should he stick around for the long haul it seems he fits more into that “young adult” set and not the newly formed teen set. Do we really need another male in that age range? Spinelli, Matt, Johnny, Milo (despite his lack of screen time) with only Lulu and Maxie to play the female counterparts. Shouldn’t they expand the female side of things? I know Maxie can handle her men but that’s even too many for her. And let’s not forget, Dante is still set to come to town. I wonder if they are now questioning their decision to off Georgie and let Nadine fade into the hospital corridors. If I were GH, I’d bring back Brooke Lynn Ashton, stat. She could even have a Bensonhurst connection to Dante and she’s a Q. That’s a win-win in my book.


Lukecation… Luke Spencer is leaving town once again as Tony Geary goes out on his annual summer vacay. Can he take Ethan with him? Sorry, I said I’d try to be more positive. Ethan isn’t going anywhere but into another storyline. All RUMORS point him in NotEmily’s direction. The question is are they adopted siblings as once reported or are they cons that met on their way to Port Chuckles? Lulu MAY be spying the cons together which only makes her question her brother’s connection to the Emily look-a-like and what she’s really up to.

I’ll tell you what she’s up to… seducing Nikolas! Although something tells me she may not have to work that hard. Nikolas and NotEmily hit the sheets next week. I was a NEM fan back in the day and I cannot remember them being this boring. Am I the only one? It looks like Rebecca will be Emily’s long lost twin. Will Jason factor in?

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This LL2 re-do seems to be even more boring than NotEmily and Nikolas. They’ll deal with the Ethan situation and rebuilding Jason’s, I mean their family. Elizabeth convinces Lucky to give Luke a chance and all seems ok until Lucky sees Luke in a lip lock with Holly. Sorry cowboy, old habits are hard to break. Holly fesses up and tells the truth, Luke’s the proud papa. She leaves town and father and son decide to take another stab at the DNA test without Tracy’s interference.


Morgan wants Michael to come home… to Carly’s. Will Michael give in to his little brother’s request? Carly and Sonny come to an agreement in regards to where Michael will live. Is this the beginning of a new Sonny and Carly? Claudia isn’t happy about the former flames closeness.

JOlivia… Claudia hates it but Johnny has an ace up his sleeve. Back off or I’ll be the one to tell the truth about the shooting. “Olivia shares her suspicions about Claudia with Sonny.” Suspicions? She knows the truth!

CRAZY and RANDOM… Remember when I told you Robin would be on the receiving end of Michael’s wrath? It’s still coming. Is Helena’s reappearance just in time for Luke’s disappearance? Will Touissant catch Michael on his break out of the hospital? Kate’s secret is revealed by her assistants and their PI sidekick. Johnny needs a cover, enter Maxie. Elizabeth isn’t buying Rebecca’s innocent act. Helena returns. New Kristina hits town.