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"The People vs. Tony Geary"

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The Luke and Ethan paternity story on General Hospital has dealt a blow to many General Hospital fan's love for Luke Spencer and Anthony Geary. Now the once solid Luke Spencer fan base has broken into several smaller camps. Some still love anything and everything Luke Spencer. Others still like Luke, but hate Ethan and this storyline. Still others have lost all love for Luke, because of of this storyline. Meanwhile some fans only like Ethan and don't like Luke. Mallory at Serial Dramawrote an interesting piece that summarizes how many fans feel and I would encourage you to check it out. 


I liked life so much better when I operated under the assumption that everything bad about General Hospital was solely the fault of Bob Guza, and that the lack of rioting by the cast was just an example of their professionalism. When a certain daytime icon began being destroyed in a systematic faction and became history-denouncing and unlikable, my first reaction was, "For the love of Xenu, Guza, will you stop at nothing in your quest to be terrible?"

Except it turns out that while Bob Guza ruins most things, he doesn't ruin everything and cannot be fully blamed for the curious case of Luke Spencer, since Luke's portrayer is the story's biggest cheerleader and has taken to the streets (or, more accurately, the soap mags, but the image of Tony Geary roaming the streets proselytizing about Luke's story arc is the only amusing part of this debacle) to chastise viewers who are unhappy with the way Luke has been written.

Has this storyline had a negative impact on your view of Luke Spence or Tony Gearyr?

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