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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam Sneaks Over to the Hospital!

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Ashley in the Hospital:

Adam asks if there's anything he can do as Victor and Olivia leave to take Ashley to the hospital. They tell him there isn't and leave and Adam sprints upstairs.

Olivia told Ashley and Victor that she'd been reinstated at the hospital so could be her doctor. Ashley told him everything she'd been doing to stay calm but it was hard with everything that was going on. Olivia started checking for a fetal heartbeat and told Ashley to take deep breaths and relax.

Olivia told them she could hear a heartbeat and it was strong and steady but she was going to order an ultrasound to make sure. After Olivia was gone Victor and Ashley talked about how happy they were the baby was ok.

Victoria finished up a business call and JT said her business side was a turn on. They started to leave to go home but got a call from Victor telling them about Ashley being in the hospital. Victoria said they would be there right away but Victor asked them to go to the ranch to talk to Abby and check on Adam.

Adam called one of his deviant buddies to come pick him up so he could deliver a book with Sabrina pictures in it to Ashley at the hospital.

Olivia made small talk during the ultra sound but Ashley knew she was trying to distract her and told her it wasn't working. Olivia told them everything was fine but wanted to keep her overnight to make sure.

Adam took his ankle monitor off and snuck out the window just as Victoria and JT showed up calling out to him.

Abby showed up and they told her what happened. Abby called Victor to make sure everything was ok and he told her it was. Victor asked to talk to Victoria and told her about Ashley staying overnight so Victoria told him JT would stay with Abby. Abby got back on the phone to talk to Ashley who reassured her she was fine. Towards the end of the conversation Adam showed up lurking behind a bouquet of flowers.

Abby and Victoria talked about why Ashley was staying overnight at the hospital and then Abby left to go do her homework. Victoria left to go tell Adam the news.

Over at the hospital Victor left Ashley asleep and thanked Olivia for taking such good care of her.

Victoria knocked on Adam's door and said she wanted to give him the news but Adam wasn't there to answer.

Adam entered Ashley's room and put the book in her purse. The door closing from Adam leaving woke her up and she saw the book. She pulled it out and saw what was inside and started to freak out when Victor returned and looked at the book too.

The Winters Clan:

Lily and Cane met up with Neil and Tyra at Indigo and told them about their honeymoon. Devon showed up and Lily could tell something was bothering him. She asked him what was wrong but he said it was nothing and sat by himself as Lily rejoined the party. Neil told Lily how happy he was that she was so happy but wished everyone was too, in particular Devon.

Lily and Cane joined Devon and thanked him for watching Humphrey. She brought up Neil and Tyra and Devon said it was sickening. Lily didn't see anything wrong with it but Devon didn't think it was appropriate for them to be hooking up so fast after Neil's divorce. Lily told Devon it didn't matter that Tyra wasn't a Hamilton by blood and Devon said the real issue was she never said anything. Lily told Devon she was sorry and he brought up another surprise that his Aunt Virginia had for on his father.

Neil and Tyra talked about if they were moving too fast and Tyra was worried about the effect on Anna. Neil said they should ask Anna about her feelings on their relationship. Tyra told him that Anna adored him and wanted them to be together but that she didn't want Anna to have unrealistic expectations about them. Neil told her they should be honest with Anna that they were dating but didn't know where it was going to lead.

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Lily asked what Devon was going to do about this information on his father and he said he had to go talk to Yolanda about it. Lily reminded him that biology isn't what made a father and what Neil had done for him. Cane gave Devon the advice to not dig up the past.

Devon admitted they were right that they were right he'd been too hard on Neil. Lily and Cane left to go home and Devon came over to talk to Neil. Tyra left them alone and Devon apologized. Neil told him he understood why Devon was so upset but Devon said that he'd messed up and was forgiven so he needed to be able to forgive too. Neil said he was deeply flawed but Devon told him he was the best man he knew.

Jack, Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon:

Phyllis asked Jack why it was that Sharon was the one who was pregnant but she was the one who felt like throwing up. Jack told her there was a lot at stake and they didn't want to do anything now that they might regret later. Phyllis asked Jack if he confronted Billy. He said he did and Billy admitted it. Phyllis then asked how Sharon justified her actions but Jack said he didn't bring it up with her. Phyllis wondered what it was going to take for someone to call Sharon out on her actions and said if she did the things Sharon did she'd be stoned to death in town square.

Nick went to see Sharon to tell her that he needed to tell Phyllis about the baby and it may be his. Sharon told him he should wait until he knew for sure who the father was. Nick said he made a pact with Phyllis to not have anymore secrets. Sharon tried to talk him out of it but wasn't having any luck.

Jack said his only concern right now was Sharon's peace of mind and the baby's health and said he didn't want Phyllis to upset her. Phyllis was appalled that everyone was worried about poor Sharon's feelings and not making her take accountability for her actions. Jack reminded her there was an innocent baby involved and Phyllis snapped yelling that she has an innocent child too and asked who was looking out for her and for Summer. Jack said he was angry too but was covering and Phyllis needed to cover too in order to save her marriage. Phyllis said it would be over if Nick was the father and Jack tried to convince her that wouldn't happen because he was going to be the father regardless. Phyllis told Jack Nick hadn't even fessed up yet about the pregnancy and Jack said maybe Nick was waiting for the right time. Phyllis retorted asking if there ever was a right time to tell your wife that you got your ex-wife pregnant and went on to say Nick and Sharon were keeping secrets and that wasn't good for either one of them.

Sharon told Nick he needed to stop obsessing about Cassie's prophecy of having another daughter but Nick wasn't able to. She admitted she hadn't told Jack Nick knew about the baby and he said she needed to but if he was the dad there was no way that he would let another man raise his child.

Sharon told Nick that if the baby was his she would never deny him access but she wasn't his responsibility anymore. Nick told her not to make him the bad guy because he wanted to help and Sharon reminded him the last time he tried to help her they ended up having sex and right now he needed to do right by Phyllis, Noah, and Summer.

Jack asked Phyllis why she didn't tell Nick that she knew and she said Nick would think she was at the gravesite that day to spy on him. She then started to wonder why she had to be so understanding when Nick was the one having unprotected sex like a sex craved 16 year old. Jack told her it was because she loved him which Phyllis admitted she did more than any man she'd ever loved. That hurt Jack and she apologized saying that she loved him too and they were great together once. Phyllis started freaking out saying it wasn't her fault and she couldn't deal with this anymore and she wanted her husband back and broke down in Jack's arms.

Phyllis pulled back and said she was sorry, she hated wimpy women. Jack snarked back that even tough broads needed to let it out sometimes. Phyllis said she was just confused and angry at Nick so Jack said if she ever needed to scream, cry, or hit someone he was there for her. She asked him why he was being so nice to her and he said he knew how much it hurt. Jack told her how much he wanted to be a dad again and Phyllis said she hoped this baby was his for both of their sakes. Jack said no matter what he was going to fight for Sharon.

Sharon asked Nick to leave but before he did he told her that he was sorry he upset her and how much she meant to him and asked her not to shut him out because no matter who's baby it was she could count on him anytime.

Jack came home and Sharon told him about telling Nick about the pregnancy. He told her it was alright and he already knew. She told him that Nick wanted to raise the baby if it was his and Jack said he expected that. She went on to tell him that he and Nick weren't the only possible fathers and he told her he knew about Billy too. She asked him if that was what he and Billy were arguing about and he said it was. She told him she'd understand if he hated her and he said he didn't have it in him to hate her that in fact he loved her and wanted to build a life with her and all she had to do was say yes.

Nick went to the office to see Phyllis and told her about Sharon's pregnancy. He told her he was sorry he hurt her and she asked him what he was going to do.

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Phyllis tells Nick no one said they would have a little girl together like Cassie predicted for him.

Victoria tells JT that she needs to get into Adam's room because it's locked and he's not answering.

Jack tells Sharon maybe she's hoping for a different outcome like Nick leaving Phyllis for her and the baby.