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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Nick Changes His Mind...Again!

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Victoria Becomes Suspicious of Adam:

Victoria tried to get into Adam's room when there was no answer and called to JT to help.

Victor looked through the book of Sabrina pictures and asked Ashley how it got into her purse.

Ashley asked Victor why this was happening and asked if Estella had been to the ranch or found a way into her hospital room. Victor told her that wasn't possible and she needed to relax and calm down. Ashley's heart rate started to spike and Olivia came in to check on her.

Victoria went downstairs and told JT she needed to get into Adam's room. JT told her he would go take a look. They got into Adam's room and found it empty. JT reminded her Adam had an ankle monitor so had to be somewhere in the house. Victoria started to search his room to see if she could figure out what Adam was up to. She picked up the bag the ankle monitor was in just as Adam came back into the room.

They managed to get Ashley's heart rate down but Ashley insisted she go back to the ranch. Olivia said it would be best if she stayed just to be safe but Ashley insisted she go home.

Adam asked what they were doing there and they said Victor asked them to check on him. They asked where he was and he said he was in the wine cellar. They questioned why he had the door locked and he snarked that he didn't trust people wouldn't go through his room while he was away. They left and Adam put his ankle monitor back on.

Victoria and JT came downstairs to see Victor and Ashley had come home. Ashley went upstairs and Victoria and JT told Victor about their run in with Adam. Victor thanked them for taking care of Abby and they left. Olivia asked Victor what happened at the hospital and Victor showed her the book.

Olivia and Victor discussed how she could have gotten the book and Victor asserted that it couldn't have been Estella. Olivia asked Victor if he thought Ashley put the book in her purse herself and he said he didn't think so but wasn't sure.

Olivia brought up having Ashley talk to a psychiatrist again but Ashley didn't want any of it and said she wanted their support not their suspicion and was sick of people watching her every second.

Adam was watching the conversation from upstairs but closed his laptop when Victor came in. Victor told Adam the status on Ashley and then asked him if he ever saw Estella in the master bedroom looking at the computer because he found some interesting information on it. Victor noticed the bottle of wine Adam had and looked at it suspiciously while Adam squirmed in his seat.

Victoria and JT went to Crimson Lights and she talked about how she'd have found something he was hiding and wondered if it was about the book Adam was going to write. She stated her concern that no one was keeping an eye on Adam and what he could be up to.

Adam enjoyed a glass of wine and listened in on the conversation Victor and Olivia were having about Ashley. They both agreed something needed to be done and Victor showed Olivia a receipt for the book found on Ashley's computer. Victor assured Olivia he'd get Ashley through this no matter what.

Nick Changes His Mind....Again:

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Sharon doesn't know how Jack could forgive her. He said it hurt like hell but they could get past it. He reminded her that they've both hurt each other but the love is still there and that's what matters that and the baby no matter who the father is.

Nick told Phyllis about Sharon's pregnancy and she asked him what he was going to do now. He said he hadn't had much time to think about it because he was worried about what it would do to her. She wasn't buying it and told him it was a little late for that. She asked him what he would do if the baby turned out to be his and he said he would be a father to his child.

Phyllis brought up that history was repeating itself and having a laugh on her. Nick told her she didn't deserve this and she said you lose them as quickly as you get them. Nick said she wasn't losing him and it could be Jack's baby. Phyllis reminded him no one had predicted Jack and Sharon would have a baby like Cassie predicted for Nick and Sharon and admitted she overheard their conversation at the grave site.

Jack figured out that the reason Sharon moved out the last time and was avoiding him was because she was afraid of him finding out about Billy. Sharon couldn't understand why Jack would still want to be with her with everything going on but Jack assured her she was loved by him and that was an indisputable fact. He told her he'd thrown people away in the past who disappointed him or caused him pain and wished later that he hadn't and wasn't going to do that with her. He vowed they would find a way to forgive each other and be stronger for it.

Sharon told Jack she was just waiting for Phyllis' reaction to the news. Jack said some people would say Phyllis had this coming but Sharon insisted she wasn't going to get any pleasure out of this and wanted to get a paternity test as soon as possible to stop all of this insanity.

Nick asked her what she was doing at Cassie's gravesite and she said she just wanted to pay her respects but instead got an earful about their new bundle of joy. She told him she was waiting for him to come to her and ask her help in making this major decision but she felt he already made his decision by having unprotected sex with Sharon months ago and was going to use it as an excuse to get out of their marriage. He told her that was crazy talk and she said she hoped she was wrong. He assured her he was perfectly happy with her and Summer but Phyllis wasn't buying it. Nick admitted Sharon was a big part of his life but that didn't determine his future.

Nick told Phyllis that she was all he needed when his life was falling apart after Cassie died and wanted to give her what she needed. She yelled that she wanted him, all of him, no half truths. Nick asked her if she was wanting him to turn his back on his baby and she snapped that she would never want that but she didn't want Sharon dictating their lives anymore. Phyllis said if Sharon didn't start coming last for once then they were never going to make it. She started to cry and asked him to think about it before he decided and left to go take a walk.

Sharon told Jack there's a new paternity test that wouldn't risk the baby and explained how it worked. Jack asked if she made any calls and she said she made an appointment for a few weeks from then. She told him she thought she should move back into the club and he told her it would be fine for her to stay there. She still couldn't believe that he'd be ok if the baby wasn't his but he tried to assure her he would.

Nick looked at a picture of him and Phyllis and flashed back to moments they had together.

Jack asked Sharon if she was hoping the baby would be Nick's so Nick would leave Phyllis for her because he knew she still had feelings for Nick. Sharon said she would always have feelings for Nick but it was all rooted in the past. Jack asked if Nick was the father was she ready to raise the baby separately. She said she'd already done that with Noah and Jack reaffirmed that he loved Noah like a son and would with this baby too. He couldn't believe he wanted a baby so much when there was a time that was the last thing he wanted. He told her there wasn't a shadow of a doubt that she and the baby would feel loved and wanted. Sharon told him he's the best friend she's ever had. Sharon reminded him this wasn't going to make sense to everyone but she didn't care. She said if he was sure this is what he wanted that she would stay with him no matter what. Jack said this would make things easier on everyone including Nick and Phyllis.

Nick flashed back to apologizing to Sharon about getting his memory back and then went through memories of him and Sharon together.

Phyllis went to see Jack to tell him Nick told her about the pregnancy. Jack asked her how she reacted and she said she gave him an ultimatum. She asked him how it was possible that this was her life that she was there talking to him and Nick was sitting there deciding between her and Sharon. Jack told her that Sharon had decided to stay with him no matter who the father was.

Sharon went to see Nick at Restless Style but before she could say anything Nick pulled her into a kiss and told her he was leaving Phyllis to be with her.

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