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Will Forbes March Come Between Nuke on ATWT?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco caught up with former All My Children and One Life to Live star Forbes March, who recently booked a gig on As The World Turns as Mason, Noah's film studies advisor, who just so happens to be gay. Here's what March has to say about the gig.


I am interested in characters who will demand I look at the world through someone else’s eyes and fight for their point of view; so a gay character was interesting to me. I am not phobic of really anything and I certainly am not homophobic,” he proudly proclaims. The gorgeous actor elaborates, “From a Christian point of view, God is love and if you don’t love your fellow man, then you don’t love God. I do not find hate or intolerance, self-righteousness or a lack of humility or compassion to be consistent with my understanding of our philosophy. From a secular point of view, gimme a break! To be homophobic should be as embarrassing as any other ignorant and hateful fear and I hope we are close to that time. I am an actor and I tell stories and love is love.”

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 March definitely has experience playing gay. His character in Roger Newcomb's soaptastic movie Manhattanites is a homosexual and having an affair with Ilene Kristen's fiance! Early ATWT story spoilers don't indicate Mason coming between daytime's most tortured coed same-sexers, Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann), but here's hoping he does, and for longer than two weeks! This couple needs a plausible (read: not ridiculous, contrived or asinine) conflict if they are even going to hope to remain interesting and relevant post-Otalia, and with Y&R going gay. For more from TV Guide Canada's Suds Report go here.