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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Victor the Insult Mogul

The Java Café: Lucas runs into Maggie at the Java Café and wants to talk about what happened the night he was drinking. Maggie claims she’s in hurry but Lucas won’t let her leave. He tells her he’s starting to remember things and wants to talk about it now. Maggie looks kind of worried.


Maggie asks Lucas what he’s talking about and he tells her that he remembers seeing her at the Cheatin’ Heart that night and that she wanted to tell him something about Chloe. Maggie claims she has no idea what he’s talking about. Lucas says he knows something happened and that he can feel it, just than Chloe walks in. Lucas tells her they were talking about the night he got drunk. Maggie and Chloe exchange a look.

Lucas continues to try to get the truth out Maggie but she and Chloe try to get him to focus on the future instead. Luckily for Chloe, Daniel calls and wants to speak with Lucas. He tells Lucas to get over to the mansion ASAP and that it’s about Philip. Lucas tells Chloe they have to go meet Victor and Chloe tells him to go ahead and she’ll meet him there. Chloe and Maggie discuss Lucas remembering and Chloe thanks Maggie for helping her. Maggie warns her that Lucas is starting to remember and that she’d better pray a lot if she doesn’t want him to find out the truth.

The Pier:

Mia and Will almost kiss but are interrupted by her cousin Jamie. Mia introduces them to each other and tells Will she has to go. He says he should go too and takes off. Mia tells Jamie how great Will is and Jamie asks Mia if she’s out of her mind. She can’t believe Mia’s going down the same path as before and Mia insists it’s different this time with Will. Jamie tells her it doesn’t matter because she can’t afford to support Mia anymore. Mia asks her where she thinks she can go then and Jamie suggests Mia move back in with her mother. Mia tells her that she knows that’s out of the question. Jamie apologizes to Mia and tells her she’s on her own.

Later, Maggie comes by and finds an upset Mia. She sits down beside Mia and tries to comfort her. She asks Mia what’s wrong and Mia explains her situation and that she might have to move away. She’s sad because it means she’ll have to switch schools again and she’s not sure how to tell Will. She tells Maggie she’s afraid he’ll forget her and Maggie wipes her tears and tells her no one could forget her. Then, she gives her a hug.

The Pub:

Will goes to the pub and is joined by his friend Tad, who explains that he was supposed meet up with Mackenzie but she decided to go shopping. Will wonders how Tad can be friends with girl like that. Tad says Mia is no saint either and Will counters with the fact that Mia doesn’t talk behind people’s backs. Tad leaves and Will flashes back to almost kissing Mia. He tells himself next time has to be perfect and he rushes off with an idea.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Kate arrives at the mansion and is surprised to find Daniel there. He tells her that he’s waiting for Victor and that something’s up with Philip. Daniel realizes that Kate doesn’t know what happened on the pier and explains it to her. Kate wonders why no one called her in London and Victor comes in and explains that he had it all under control, until Brady screwed it up.

Kate demands to know what Brady has to do with anything and where Philip is. Victor asks Daniel if he wouldn’t mind calling Lucas for him and asking him to come over so he can get filled in on what happened to Philip. Daniel agrees and leaves the two of them alone. Victor explains what happened while she was gone and how the DiMeras kidnapped Stephanie. Kate doesn’t understand why they would take Stephanie and Victor realizes she doesn’t know about Philip’s engagement so he tells her. Kate can’t believe Philip didn’t call her. Victor says she had a lot going on with Billie. Kate thinks she shouldn’t have left and Victor reassures her that she did the right thing and that Billie needed her.

When Victor starts to blame Brady for everything, Kate defends Brady and tells Victor it’s his fault for letting things get so out of control. She tells him that he needs to fix this. He assures her he will and tells her they need to make sure Lucas and Daniel don’t find out more than they need to know. Kate agrees.

Lucas arrives at the mansion and greets Kate. She complains that all of her children are in trouble right now and Lucas points out that he and Austin are happy with Carrie and Chloe. Kate rolls her eyes.

Later Chloe shows up, and is greeted at the door by Victor who naturally slays her with insults. An upset Chloe walks inside as Lucas comes out into the foyer and asks Victor what he said to her and he says he just told she was welcome in his house anytime.

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Victor explains to everyone gathered that Philip is okay and they have everything under control. He says they’re handling it internally and not getting the police involved. Chloe asks where Brady is and Victor says he disowned him for disloyalty. Daniel tries to defend Brady and Victor insults Dr. Dan and his mating habits. Daniel says he’s leaving, but he hopes Philip comes home safe. Then, he storms off.

Chloe calls Caroline to check up on Allie and Victor sends another barrage of insults her way. Chloe storms off and Victor chuckles and asks if it was something he said. Meanwhile outside, Daniel tells Kate that Victor was out of line and Kate says he’s been doing that a lot lately. Kate heads inside for a drink and Chloe runs outside and cries in Daniel’s arms. When Kate returns and sees them together. They break apart and Kate sighs. I guess it’s a good thing she got that drink –lol!

The Funeral Home and the Cemetery:

At the morgue, Owen’s father argues with the body delivery guys about keeping the body while Philip sweats about it in the body bag. After they exchange some horrible dialogue for a while, and a couple of close calls with almost opening the body bag, Owen’s father finally agrees to keep the body. Philip thinks to himself that he has to get out of there and find Stephanie.

Outside in the Cemetery, Owen points a gun at Melanie and tells her that he’s not going to let her and Brady get in the way of his plans with Stephanie. Melanie tries to talk him into putting down the gun but Owen won’t listen and demands to know where Philip is. Melanie tells him that she came without Philip but Owen argues that she doesn’t even like Stephanie and would only be there because of Philip.

Meanwhile, Philip tries to get out of the body bag, but stops when Owen’s father returns yelling for Owen. While Owen’s father looks at the paper work for Philip he realizes it orders for him to be cremated. Philip looks scared. Owen’s father gets some more terrible dialogue as he tries to figure out if the form really does have cremation checked off or if it’s just an inkblot. He gets frustrated and puts Philip in the drawer next to Stephanie. And I get frustrated that they keep giving such a good actor such terrible writing.

Back in the cemetery, Melanie argues with Owen and tells him to go ahead and shoot her. Owen tells her she’s too late to help Stephanie and as she asks what he means, Brady starts to regain consciousness. Owen says it’s over for the two of them. Melanie helps Brady up and Owen says he has to get rid of them before anyone discovers them. He points the gun and gets them to move. Melanie drops her hospital badge on purpose hoping it will help someone find them.

Owen brings Melanie and Brady to the Kiriakis Crypt. Brady asks what they’re doing there and Owen says he thought he’d feel right at home and that none ever comes there so they shouldn’t be discovered. Then he leaves and locks the two of them in the crypt. Melanie tries to open the door but Brady tells her that it’s locked from the outside and there’s no way out. She starts to freak out and he tells her not to worry someone will find them. He also tells her not to count Philip out yet because he’s very resourceful.

Back in the morgue, Stephanie regains consciousness and starts to cry. Philip hears her and starts calling out her name. He tells her it’s him and then asks her where she is and she cries some more. And I cry for more duct tape.

In the funeral parlor, Owen’s father looks at a photo of him and his brother and says she wishes Owen was more like his father. Owen comes in and his father demands to know where he’s been. Owen tells him he was out. He father explains there was an unexpected body delivered and demands to know if Owen knows anything about it.

On the Next Episode of Days of Our Lives:

Lucas asks Chloe, “Come on, what is this? A joke? Tell me what’s going on. What, are you guys keeping something from me?”

Melanie tells Brady, “You and I both know that if we die today, I’m going to hell.”

Stephanie asks, “What are we going to do? They’re going to try to embalm you.” Phillip replies, “I’ll just figure it out when I get out of this drawer.”

Just a few thoughts:

Victor may be a mean, bitter S.O.B but at least he’s a funny one! I swear, when he told Daniel, “Well, first my granddaughter, and then Kate, and now the town slut. Boy, you sure do get around.” I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Although, I think Victor has to choose between Chloe and Nicole for the honor of Town Slut, I don’t think they can both share the title. I’d love to hear his title for the runner up!

Now, I know he wasn’t on today, but in honor of Saturday being the 3 year anniversary of James Scottgracing our screens in nothing but a towel, I would like to add my voice to the many and make a plea for TPTB to allow him to get a hair cut. Please!!!!! He can look hot and play a bad boy, I’ve seen him do it. So, on behalf of fans everywhere I’m begging, please, let the man cut his hair! Thank you!