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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved everything Robin for the past two days. I loved that as soon as she heard Ethan's story, she pulled out a calendar and her trusty fingers and toes and figured out that there was no way Robert could be Mumble mouths father. I love that she was very sweet with Ethan, telling him that she'd tell him all about Robert, even though she knew he wasn't her brother. I love that she laced into Holly and verbally kicked her butt about this whole mess. I love the playfulness she and Patrick are showing to each other. I just love it all.


Speaking of Holly, she still doesn't have a reasonable explanation for anything she's done. Oh, she tried to explain it to Robin, but it made no sense. The sooner she goes, the better. I have no idea why Luke or Ethan would believe a word that comes out of her mouth at this point.

As much as I hate Claudia, I do have to give the girl credit for using her brain. She walked into that hospital room and put herself on Michael's level from the get go, with the music and the movies. She came off as hip and young and fresh and harmless, so he'd warm up to her, which he did. Then she threw the baby secret out there, knowing that Sonny and Jason would hate it, but knowing they couldn't do anything about it. Like I said, I give the girl credit where credit is due.

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What I didn't like was the speed in which Michael was willing to accept Dad having a baby with a woman he just met, versus his feelings towards Mom having a baby with his stepfather; knowing how much Carly wanted another baby, since she miscarried before the shooting last year.

Luke is quickly climbing on my hate bus with his treatment of Lucky. It's like he despises his kid and if that's not the case, then someone should tell Anthony Geary to tone it down a notch.

Spixie are cute when they're loose and friendly like they were today.

CarJax were also cute although they gave me the WTH line of the day:

Carly: "Michael's always wanted a little sister."

Uhm, doesn't he already have one? Isn't her name Kristina?