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The Devil is SO Busy

The Bold and the Beautiful's Kyle Lowder, aka ham to Ron Moss's cheese, recently gave an interview to the Canyon News. While I generally enjoy this publication and it's soaptastic coverage, openings like this one has me wondering a.) If the interviewer and I are watching two totally different television serials. Maybe out in SoCal episodes of B&B are still really good, and Lowder can, you know, act. Meanwhile they are repackaging really bad, like awful blooper reels of his scenery chewing histrionics for us hay seeds here in the South? or b.) Maybe I am just too out of touch to understand the sheer awesomeness that apparently is Lowder's performance as Rick?


In one of the most fascinating roles of a lifetime, Lowder still remains optimistic about what is ahead for him as well as his character Rick Forrester. Lowder is compared to King Midas, who was known for having the Midas touch. He turns his scripts into gold every single episode he’s on. The handsome blonde Adonis is still at the top of his game, showing no signs of exhaustion, even though the marathon he’s been running every day on the show is unparalleled by any other daytime actor. Lowder may have been passed up for a Daytime Emmy nomination, but he’s proof that the best is sometimes overlooked when an actor is so flawless and ripe with talent, people think it’s not acting, they simply think he’s playing Kyle. He absolutely is not. Kyle Lowder and Rick Forrester have only one thing in common. Both are incredibly handsome. Other than that, it’s all make believe, thanks to super scribe Bradley P. Bell who helms the most watched show on the planet.

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